"Exotic exciting thriller"

He is a vampire over five hundred years old, lives in Savannah and has all the wealth, power and women he wants. Life is good for him and Jack, William's sire and Jack is one of the few beings he cares about partly because he created him and partly because of his winning personality. They live together though Jack doesn't know much about being a vampire but his loyalty to William is unique and will be needed in the days ahead because William's sire, the truly evil Reedrek who killed is wife and son, is coming for him.

William has been smuggling the young vampires who want to leave their masters out of Europe and Reedrek has picked up his trail. William's sire is stronger and more powerful than his fledgling but the younger has other weapons, including the use of voodoo that makes it questionable what will happen when the final confrontation takes place. Reedrek gets his hooks in Jack by promising him the power that William denied him; it remains to be seen who Jack ultimately gives his loyalty to cause it might make a difference on the outcome.

Raven Hart humanizes William and Jack so that readers can empathize with them and their problems. Although William has a healthy sex life and lovers he cares about, his heart is buried with his wife and son killed by his enemy. The vampires in this book seem so very real, (including the villain) that readers will start to wonder if they actively exist. William and Jack have heart if not souls and they care about people both vampires and humans making them easy to like. THE VAMPIRE'S SEDUCTION is an exotic exciting thriller.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted July 18, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 24, 2007


When it comes to a wild and seductive nightlife, Savannah has bite. Older than the United States and wealthy beyond his years, playboy William Cuyler Thorne is a vampire with a nice long undead life—one that includes a steady stream of admirers, a consistent supply of rejuvenating blood, and, best of all, a cover as one of Savannah's most prominent pillars of society. But all good things must end.

Now an ancient enemy has come for William from across the seas. It is his sire, Reedrek, the vampire who created him. And Reedrek will stop at nothing until all that is precious to William—his beautiful mistress, his stable of willing female victims, his glorious estates, and his good- ol'-boy vampire sidekick, Jack—is within his voracious grasp. But William has an arsenal of his own—one that is enhanced by the power of voodoo. And when these two bloodsuckers meet, there will be hell to pay.

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The Vampire's Seduction
(Savannah Vampires: Book 1)
by Raven Hart

Ballantine Books
March 1, 2006
ISBN #0345479750
EAN #9780345479754
432 pages
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