"entertaining star-crossed supernatural romance"

Vampire Reinn Mackenzie wants nothing to do with his peers or for that matter any creature, supernatural or human. However, the Clan Council informs him he has no choice as he the Guardian of the Blood. Instead of peaceful solitude, Reinn must hunt down vampires who mate with shapeshifters, a major taboo forbidden by the clan.

Reinn knows he must kill Alan Mackenzie who is engaged to marry a were-cat Woo Woo Inn. However, going undercover, Reinn learns that the trio of Sparkle, Stardust, and Ganymede are stirring up their usual cosmic relational troubles. He also finds himself attracted to were-cat Krisa, but wonders if the three troublemakers are behind his desire. However, when Reinn realizes that someone is trying to force Krisa to change into her alter ego, a saber tooth tiger, he becomes too involved as he falls in love, but killing himself for breaking the taboo seems extreme.

This entertaining star-crossed supernatural romance grips the audience from the moment a disgruntled Reinn goes undercover and never slows down through a series of capers until the final confrontation. Readers will believe in vampires and were-creatures as the Nina Bangs' mythos seem genuine. Sub-genre fans will appreciate the WICKED NIGHTS of this fun humorous and sexy paranormal romantic suspense thriller.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted May 24, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 24, 2007


He’d lived a thousand years for this? Reinn Mackenzie was one ticked-off vampire.

Werewolves--furry pains in the butt. Werecats--sneaky whisker-twitching manipulators. Reinn hated them all. But most of all, he hated his job. Guardian of the Blood. What a crock.

The Mackenzie council, in its infinite stupidity, had ordered him to protect the purity of the clan’s bloodline. What purity? They were all just a bunch of bloodsuckers, for crying out loud. Besides, how could he destroy a clan member for mating with someone not on the council’s approved list when the very sight of a certain little werecat revved his engine?

Kisa Evans made it impossible for him to think about anything but the dangerous fantasy of freeing his own inner beast. No matter how he fought the desire to feel the soft heat of her throat beneath his lips, the craving only grew. Kisa might be the enemy, but he longed to show her the sensual pleasure to be found in...


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A Taste of Darkness
(Mackenzie Vampires: Book 3)
by Nina Bangs

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
May 1, 2006
Available: May 2, 2006
ISBN #0843956348
EAN #9780843956344
384 pages
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