"exciting second chance at love paranormal romance"

Laura Kincaid works as the head nurse at Tucson Children's Clinic raising her eight year old son Peter by herself. Just before Peter was born Laura walked out on her always absent Navaho spouse Kaine Cloudwater. She was fortunate to meet Ada Dooley who took the pregnant stranger in and gave her and her soon to be born son a home until the elderly woman passed away last year.

Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant Klah informs Laura that her son is missing somewhere in Canyon Country. Three days later, Klah calls off the fruitless search in which no clues have surfaced. It is as if the child vanished into air. He tells her to ask Kaine, the best tracker in the area, to help her. Swallowing her pride, she begs Kaine to find Peter. Irate that she had a child with someone else after walking out on him, he reluctantly agrees and even acquiesces to her insistence that she accompany him. On their journey into wilderness, they talk until she finally tells him that he sired Peter. Outraged that she failed to inform him before, he fears the malevolent no longer human Skinwalkers abducted Peter though he is not sure of their purpose, but his offspring has the healing gift that Kaine and his male ancestors possess and they covet.

This is an exciting second chance at love paranormal romance that grips readers from the moment Klah calls and never slows down until the final confrontation. The action- packed story line uses Navaho mysticism on two levels; the evil Skinwalkers and the dreams the lead couple have had especially transmitted from his grandfather and Changing Woman. These elements along with the likable lead couple enhance and refresh a delightful tale.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted July 16, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 24, 2007


Somewhere in the barren, arid wastes of the Arizona Canyon Country on the Navajo Reservation, a little boy is lost. His mother is desperate. And the only person who can help her is Kaine Cloudwalker, the man she has never been able to erase from her heart. The man who must find the son he never knew he had.

Overcoming old wounds and new pain, Laura and Kaine must journey together deep into the desert canyon mazes. As they trek through the perilous wastes, however, they find that physical hardship and personal estrangement are not their only problems. There are forces other than natural that are determined they will not find their child alive.

But the Navajo gods have a plan.

Before the days of the god, Changing Woman, are over, Laura and Kaine must accept Kaine's Navajo heritage, renew their love, and join forces as a true family. To save their son, and themselves, they must step into the Eye of the Dream.

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Eye of the Dream
by Elizabeth Sinclair

Medallion Press
August 1, 2006
ISBN #1932815686
EAN #9781932815689
300 pages
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