"intriguing fantasy"

At the moment of his greatest triumph, being anointed the High King of Eire, the euphoric Parlan vows to make the Goddess Eriu his queen. Angering the Druids with the affront to the Goddess, Eire is placed under a curse that only he can break by fulfilling a quest. Ironically if he succeeds he might also win the hand of Eriu who he loves with all of his soul.

Parlan has one year to accumulate four magical artifacts hidden in dangerous locales. If he succeeds in collecting the sword, spear, cup, and stone, he then must fight and defeat the Black Dragon using the artifacts correctly. If he fails at any point, the Black Dragon will turn Eire into a wasteland.

GODDESS OF EIRE is an intriguing fantasy with some limited romantic elements supporting the prime story line of the misguided champion trying to save his people from the lethal wrath he brought upon them in the name of love. The action-packed story line will enable readers to believe in the magic of the Druids and the supernatural powers of the Gods. Parlan, filled with both love and guilt, is an interesting star as he strongly feels that when he succeeds he will achieve his two, at least in his mind, compatible goals. He makes the quest for the artifacts and the Goddess Eriu a fine read.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted June 28, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 24, 2007


The goddess Eriu waited. The new Ard-Ri, high king of all Ireland, had been chosen, elected by his people to enter the Mound of Kings and to induce her to accept him as a wife would a husband. He would be difficult to resist if she were judging on strength and beauty alone; Parlan was as potent a mortal as any she had seen. But to be Ard-Ri required wisdom. Was it wise for Parlan to believe he might win the hand of a goddess? Such pride brought tragedy, the wrath of the most potent magics of Eire. No, Parlan could not succeed. And yet, did part of her long for his victory? Yes, when Eriu considered Parlan she trembled, for here was finally a man who might be worthy. If only he passed the tests to come.

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Goddess of Eire
(Celtic Journeys series: Book 9)
by Janeen O'Kerry

Leisure Books (Love Spell)
February 1, 2006
ISBN #0505525879
EAN #9780505525871
336 pages
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