"Action packed urban fantasy"

After turning from a Weather Warden to a Djinn and back to a mortal Warden again, Joanne Baldwin is on her way to Las Vegas. Accompanied by her Djinn lover David, she seeks Kevin to take away the bottle that holds Jonathan, the most powerful Djinn in the world. The wardens want Kevin dead because thanks to him several of the top leadership is dead and he has power enhanced by Jonathan to destroy the world.

Joanne and David are locked out of Las Vegas by magical wards so Lewis, once the most powerful warden in the world until Kevin stole his powers, devises a way for Joanne to momentarily die and be revived inside the city. She finds Jonathan and Kevin but it is Jonathan who manipulates the troubled teen to find the Djinn that have gone missing for the last six years. Joanne is kidnapped by the Ma'at, whose members are dedicated to freeing the Djinn from their human masters and destroy the warden organization for endangering the earth. They try to convert Joanne to their cause but she escapes and with the help of some allies fights the real mastermind behind all the troubles.

Book three in the Weather Warden Series is an action packed urban fantasy. There are many surprises and unexpected plot developments to keep this series fresh and interesting so that readers will continue to read future books to find out what happens next to the ethical, moral and vulnerable heroine. David helps Joanne in so many ways that readers will be in awe of the Djinn's power to love a mortal. Rachel Caine has written a novel worthy of an award nomination.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted December 18, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 24, 2007


Living, dead, or Djinn, Joanne Baldwin just can't stay out of trouble. Now she's on a time-sensitive mission to Vegas to retrieve the world's most important Djinn from the world's most dangerous teenager ... all alone. That's bad enough, but having to deal with a past that's determined to bury her, and suffering from serious wardrobe shortages ... well, that's over the line.

One thing's for certain: she's gambling everything this time.

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Chill Factor
(Weather Warden series: Book 3)
by Rachel Caine

January 1, 2005
ISBN #0451460103
EAN #9780451460103
352 pages
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