"Charming romantic fantasy"

Because of the otherworldly phenomena that impacted his sisters, Reed Moreland worries about Anna Holcomb, who has visions. Though she rejected his attempts to court her, he decides to return to WINTERSET to insure she is okay because he believes she is in trouble.

Anna is stunned to see the man she love return to her as she was positive he would never come back for her let alone try to keep her safe. She never told him that she loved him and still does. Ending their "relationship"; was for his sake as she believes madness flows through her veins. That is why she and her brother Kit vow to never marry. However, Reed risks his life to keep Anna safe as the Beast is killing anyone associated with the Holcombs.

This entertaining romantic suspense feels somewhat like a gothic tale, but what hooks readers is whether The Beast has supernatural skills. The heroine is an interesting protagonist who loves Reed, but wants him out of her life for fear of his safety. Her pact with her sibling to end the gene pool with them will touch the audience. Fans will appreciate this tense thriller while wondering if the seemingly paranormal is real or not.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted September 14, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 23, 2007


Despite its graceful beauty, Winterset remains shrouded in the mystery of its dark past. . .

Ever Since Anna Holcombe inexplicably refused his proposal, Reed Moreland has been unable to set foot in the home that was the backdrop to their romance-Winterset. The eerie beauty of the Gloucestershire mansion and the mystery that surrounds it have always captivated him, and he can neither continue living in the house nor give it up completely despite the painful memories it stirs in his heart.

But when Reed begins having his troubling dreams about Anna being in danger, he puts his heartbreak and bitterness aside and directs his carriage back to Winterset, determined to protect the woman he cannot stop loving. Once again passion flares between them, but the murder of a servant girl draws them deep in to the foreboding, deadly legends of Winterset. . .and a destiny neither Anna nor Reed can escape.

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(Moreland Family: Book 3)
by Candace Camp

MIRA Books
October 1, 2004
ISBN #0778320855
EAN #9780778320852
416 pages
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