"Charming romantic fantasy"

Her witch mom informs thirty years old practitioner Daria Morgan that her powers will be enhanced once she meets her soul mate and shares in the First Mating. Still a virgin, business consultant Daria does not want a man in her life though strengthening her powers would be nice. Her magic has enabled her to find problems in businesses.

CEO Joe Glennell sends his top troubleshooter John "Bent" Benthausen to Houston to work on the newest acquisition. Bent implements efficiencies, but costs remain exorbitant. A friend suggests he hire consultant Daria Morgan, but she declines. Bent and Daria meet through mutual friends and both feel an attraction. She offers him a tip that leads to the firm's security team arrested for stealing spare parts. As her family accepts him as her soul mate, a letter warns her to stay away from Glennell-Houston or else. No one messes with Daria who forces Bent to hire her as a consultant so she can uncover the remaining crooks while they practice THE OLDEST KIND OF MAGIC that of love.

Ann Macela writes a charming romantic fantasy that will remind the audience of Bell, Book, and Candle. The story line is fun as delightful Daria meets her soulmate who to her chagrin is a non-practitioner; breathtaking Bent has no problems adapting to her wacky family who adopts him as if they have known him all their lives. The threat against Daria seems overkill, but sub-genre fans will still appreciate this wonderful touch of magic. Once fans close the book and blow out the reading candle, they will anxiously await the soulmate of Daria's sister to ring her bell.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted September 15, 2005

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 22, 2007


Daria Morgan is a magic practitioner who uses magic and spells to do her everyday job as a management consultant. John "Bent" Benthausen is a CEO who, despite improvements in production, can't make a profit. He needs her help. With her special gifts, Daria gets right to the heart of Bent's problem—crooked employees. Crooked, vicious, employees who are now out to get Daria. Those are just Problems One and Two. Problem Three: An ancient force, an irresistible compulsion, called the soulmate imperative brings together magic-users and their mates in a lifelong bond. And it won't be happy until they surrender to the inevitable . . the Oldest Kind of Magic . . .


The Oldest Kind of Magic
(Magic: Book 1)
by Ann Macela

Medallion Press
October 1, 2005
ISBN #1932815430
EAN #9781932815436
300 pages
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