"a beautiful blend of humor, sensuality and intrigue"

Over the last few months Kimberly Brenin had been having nightmares of being pursued. Lately they had progressively become more and more disturbing, more so because she knew, without a doubt, her pursuer was a Werewolf. And why -- because she herself was a Werewolf. Unfortunately, having been raised outside a Pack, she knew nothing of what being a Werewolf meant and she struggled to keep the beast within her dormant. Her restlessness at an all time high, Kimberly wasn't aware she was finally coming into heat.

Nico Cassamonti was one of the wealthiest and disturbingly handsomest clients at the law firm where Kimberly worked. As the Benandanti, or leader of the pack, he was about to corner Kimberly and discover what a 'rogue' Were was doing in his territory. He was also about to discover that although this feisty little Zingaro might not have an intimidating growl, she certainly had attitude and he was up for the challenge to tame it!

*** As one reads this delightfully sensual story, one can see where the writing duo of Matthews and Andrews must have had a lot fun in developing these two enormously likeable leads. The feistiness that was built in Kimberly's character was, to my mind perfectly done with just enough attitude to make her interesting and likeable, rather than someone whose attitude is one you'd like to thrash out of them! Nico was sexy as all get out as well as a very yummy hero whose slow seduction of Kimberly was done with a perfect balance of playfulness and sensual delight. The pace was fast with a good amount of intrigue in the form of a takeover, added to balance the romance element. Numerous well-developed secondary characters delightfully filled out the cast and whetted this reviewers appetite in the hope of seeing them in future stories. A big thumbs goes to this writing duo who brought a beautiful blend of humor, sensuality and intrigue to this highly entertaining read.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 20, 2007


Kimberly Brenin has been plagued by nightmares. Dreams of being chased by someone or something-the petrifying face of a Werewolf. Most would chalk up the image to that of a scary story, but Kimberly knows the truth. Werewolves are real. She knows because she is one.

Being orphaned at an early age has left Kimberly woefully na´ve when it comes to Were rules.

As Benandanti of his pack, Nico is furious that Kimberly would dare come to his land. Every Were knows it is against Lycan Law for any Werewolf to come into another's territory without first gaining permission or making an offering, and Kimberly had done neither.

The feisty beauty is a handful and much to Nico's amazement completely unknowledgeable about the world they live in. Even more astonishing, Kimberly has no idea that she is coming into her heat.

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Myth of Moonlight
(Moonlight: Book 1)
by Lena Matthews, Liz Andrews

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2007
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