"steamy, action packed, paranormal adventure"

Loribelle Hunt's "Chasing the Moon," is a steamy, action packed, paranormal adventure you won't be able to put down!

When Jackson assumes the role of new Alpha to his werewolf pack, things aren't quite as perfect as he would like. The friend's he'd hoped would stay and help him, are fixing to leave. The men he has left to choose from, he does not know if he can depend on. Couple that with his mate running from their predestined fate, and Jackson seems to have his plate full before he's even taken on the job. But, with a little cunning and a whole lot of moxie, he finds a way to fix both his problems.

Summer Lambert is the last unwed witch in her family, and wants to keep it that way. She's witnessed what happens with the wrong two people are mated, and fears her attraction to Jackson might lead her down that road. However, she learns the hard way that Jackson won't take no for an answer...and worse, she doesn't want him to. While her body yields to her bond with Jackson without question, doubts still haunt her mind. When disorder begins to ripple through the pack, Jackson's leadership is threatened, as is Summer's life. Will their bond be strong enough to help them both survive? Or will Summer not realize her love for him, until it's too late?

This was a fast-paced read with plenty of action, both in and out of the bedroom. Jackson is a yummy Alpha hero, and Summer is his perfect match. The plot fed the attraction between these two engaging characters, while giving the secondary characters room to shine. Speaking of secondary characters, Ms. Hunt set the stage for a lovely romance between two players in this novella, and I for one, cannot wait to read Chloe and Billy's story in "Call of the Moon -- Lunar Mates 4." Ms. Hunt is definitely an author to watch, and one that I highly recommend!

Courtesy: Meagan Hatfield, author

Reviewed by Meagan Hatfield
Posted January 20, 2007


Jackson has problems. His most trusted friends are gone, his Beta is convinced another werewolf stole his mate, someone in his pack is trying to steal his job, and his woman is on the run. When everything comes to a head at once, the situation quickly escalates to deadly levels.

Summer Lambert, the last single hold out of the witch cousins, has a relaxing and solitary two-week mountain vacation planned. She is outraged to learn the whole trip was a ruse by Jackson to get her to his home. Once there, she is trapped and finds herself increasingly drawn into his world.

As the sparks fly between Jackson and Summer, his enemies move into position. Will he be able to outmaneuver them before itís too late?

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Chasing the Moon
(Lunar Mates: Book 3)
by Loribelle Hunt

Cobblestone Press
January 1, 2007
ISBN #1600880878
EAN #9781600880872
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