"whimsical romance"

In Salem, Massachusetts, Victoria Cartwright encouraged by her two recently married best friends finally opens the wardrobe that has been locked since before she was born when the family ancestor witch Lily Lockhart shut it. Allegedly, if she opens it, she will find her destiny inside. Victoria does and pulls out a beautifully carved unicorn, which makes her think of the man she dreamed she was kissing near a unicorn.

In Caperglen, Scotland Rory the "hermit" Mackenzie watches TV in a pub. His family and the town have been cursed ever since his ancestor Drummond broke off his engagement with the witch Lily Lockhart. Legend has it when the unicorn returns to join the rest of the Immortal Classic zodiac carousel, prosperity will return to the town. To his shock, the woman he dreams of making love to is on Roadside Antiques showing off a unicorn that could be the missing one.

Rory arrives and tells Victoria he carves wood figurines like her unicorn that he saw on TV and would like to see hers. He knows he must find a secret compartment to prove this was carved by Drummond. That night they erotically dream of one another. They discuss their dreams, which lead to them making love. However, as he falls in love, his mission is the unicorn not the witch.

The paranormal elements are interwoven into this wonderful whimsical romance starring a delightful charming pair whose sexual innuendos add amusement to a fine tale. Her newly discovered stepsisters, the bewitching triplets, are a trip which just adds to the fun. Though Victoria is in too much denial over her witch powers, her weight, and love, readers will cherish this terrific romantic fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 20, 2007


Is it the charm...or is the Scot just that charming?

Salem, Massachusetts

Like her female ancestors before her, Victoria Cartwright inherits the key to the bewitched contents of her family's mysterious attic wardrobe ... except that no one has ever succeeded in opening it. Only the daughter who inherits her ancestor's magic will be able to turn the key ... meet her destiny ... and complete her ancestor's spell.

Caperglen, Scotland

A pariah in his own village, like his ancestors before him, Rory MacKenzie is searching for the carousel unicorn that his many-great grandfather carved and was bewitched into giving away. Bringing the family treasure back and reuniting it with the other eleven zodiac figures will satisfy the locals who were raised with the daft notion that the unicorn will restore the village prosperity that died the day the unicorn was shipped to America. But all Rory wants is to restore the MacKenzie name to dignity.

When a carousel unicorn with the sign of Aquarius beneath its forelock shows up on the Antiques Roadshow, Rory heads to Salem, Massachusetts to see if Miss Victoria Cartwright's unicorn has the hidden compartment that his ancestor carved beneath the saddle.

Rory could easily fall under Victoria's spell, he soon realizes, but he refuses to be bewitched by the descendent of the witch who ruined his family in the first place ... if that's who she is. Unfortunately, she's not making it easy for him to get his hands on the locked, glass-encased treasure.


The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe
(Accidental Witch trilogy: Book 3)
by Annette Blair

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
December 1, 2006
Available: December 5, 2006
ISBN #0425213463
EAN #9780425213469
304 pages
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