"Fabulous romantic fantasy"

In 1818 England, Niclas Seymour has the ability to "read" the emotions of people, but had not understood the need to consider human feelings until three years ago when he learned the hard way. He found out that the wife of his best friend Drew was cheating. Feeling it his responsibility he informs Drew, who committed suicide. His magic led to blood spilling, which places the user under a curse to atone for his mistake by performing a life risking deed for a blood relationship of Drew.

A despairingf Niclas no longer sleeps properly as the guilt fills his mind. He roams the night stopping muggers, but also knows that he is losing his mind with living being more painful than death. The family patriarch, Europe's most powerful wizard Malchi Seymour, warns Niclas that his sanity is slipping, but asks a favor. Drew's distant cousin Miss Julia Linley needs help to rescue her aunt from a forced marriage she does not want. Though not a curse- freeing level deed, Niclas escorts Julia on a dangerous trek through faery land where evil lurks under every rock. To his shock her voice, touch and sight eases his depression. However, he fears her reaction when she learns what he did to her relative.

This fabulous romantic fantasy will grip the audience from the beginning as readers meet a tormented Niclas struggling with guilt and slipping into insanity as he cannot cope with what he caused. The story line enables the audience to believe in wizardry and sorcery, but even more so in the healing magic of love. Susan Spencer Paul writes a robust tale in which the worst demons are inside a person's soul.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted June 21, 2005

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 20, 2007


Behind glittering ballrooms lies a dark realm of magic and forbidden passions...

The Seymour family is one of the oldest and most respected families in England. However, what no one knows is that this family is also magically inclined and it's a secret they intend to keep. Niclas Seymour can sense the thoughts and emotions of others. It was only years ago that he became indirectly responsible for his best friend's death when he told him that his wife was cheating on him and he killed himself. And the law of the magical families is that if blood is shed by magic done then the offender is placed under a blood curse. Niclas has not known true sleep in three years and it is slowly driving him mad. He will do anything to lift the curse and finally be free of it. The only way that can happen is if he does a great deed for a member of his best friend's family. Such an opportunity has eluded him thus far. Then a Miss Julia Linley, also from one of the most respected families--and a distant relative of his friend---needs aide in rescuing her aunt from Niclas' uncle. It seems the man is set on marrying her aunt against her wishes. Not a great deed, but Niclas will take up this challenge on her behalf. What he does not expect when he meets Julia is that just her touch alone has the ability to drown out the voices. He craves her soothing touch, not only for the relief it brings, but for the passion she arouses in him. However, as they travel, an old nemesis appears threatening to expose Niclas and the whole magical society throughout England. And if Julia discovers his dark secrets will he lose her forever?


Touch of Night
by Susan Spencer Paul

St. Martin's Press
August 1, 2005
Available: April 2, 2005
ISBN #0312933878
EAN #9780312933876
341 pages
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