"Romantic fantasy"

Keegan, whose faery name is Rain, is bored with his existence and takes mortal form to live among the Tuatha De Danann tribe in Drumanagh, Eire. One of the members of the tribe is Lana who has a weak heart and a strange birthmark on her body. Both are erotically aware of the other but it is forbidden for a guardian of the waters to mate with a mortal. Keegan is called before the High King Nuada where he is informed that the talisman sword Valor is missing and drowning in the water so he must recover it.

The druidess of his human tribe insists he take the Sword Host Lana with him. Her mark means she can meld with the sword if the human guardian inside Valor is dead because of being immersed in water so long. After they handfast, they travel north to find Valor, a trip made hard because both want to mate with one another but can't because Lana must be pure to meld with the sword. They remain unaware of an enemy planning to use magic to kill him and capture her so this adversary can use the sword to become the next High King.

Romantic fantasy readers will enjoy this magical and enchanted tale of two-star crossed lovers who must fight against overwhelming odds to achieve their goal. Lana who always thought she was weak learns she has the strength to hold her own with her fairy man and love him with all her heart. R. Garland Gray has the magic touch when it comes to writing fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 18, 2007


Love will find that destiny has a price.

Born with a weak heart and an odd birthmark on her stomach, Lana is a frail farm girl of twenty summers. Never could she have imagined being magically fated to become a fey host for the sword spirit, Valor — and now the magical sword is missing, stolen from the vaults of Tara, the faery home. The disturbing wonders altering Lana's life have only just begun.

Entering Lana’s life is Keegan, a fearless fey guardian of the waters who must find the magical sword for his king before time runs out. Believing only the physically strong deserve life, Keegan never expects to meet his match in the small, spirited beauty he needs to guide him to the sword.

Across dangerous passage tombs beset with enemies to the shadowy worlds below, through battles of the spirit and body, they find that destiny has a price — for even a forbidden and fevered love must be set aside when all the land lay in peril.

And as an invading army sweeps Eire’s shores, a sickly girl must find the strength to face her mysterious fate and claim a guardian’s heart — a passion that once unleashed, could lead them both into a terrible darkness or the light of a forever love.


Fey Born
(Faery Faith: Book 2)
by R. Garland Gray

Medallion Press
December 1, 2006
ISBN #1932815821
EAN #9781932815825
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