"Insightful time travel romance"

Her Comanche grandmother told Kris Baldwin many tales about their people; thus, though a mixed breed, Kris is comfortable with her duel heritage and even wears the stone that her Indian Grandmother gave her. Kris goes swimming in Barton Springs, Texas when she notices a stone like the one she wears around her neck. She also sees an Indian warrior gesturing for her to come to him. Bewildered, Kris almost drowns, but the Indian saves her life.

More baffling to Kris is how she ended up a century and half in the past. She concludes that she is in a graphic dream and his People refuse to accept that Kris is a powerful person sent to help the villagers. Only her rescuer Black Eagle believes otherwise. Kris begins to understand first hand the plight that is glossed over in modern day (that is her biological era) history books and what will happen to the various tribes. She duels with two deep contrary feelings of loving Black Eagle and knowing that she must return to use her knowledge to help her mother's People even as the evil Coyote Droppings wants to destroy her so she cannot help anyone.

This insightful time travel romance emphasizes the era with a realistic portrayal of the inner conflict that Indians struggled with as the tribes contend with self- respect and love for the land vs. overwhelming odds of war with the Anglos and certain devastation. The romance is solid and the cast offers a fabulous look into the past. Readers also receive a deep thought provoking tale that has relevance to what is happening in Iraq. Award winning newcomer Kate Lyon is an author worth keeping an eye on if TIME'S CAPTIVE is any indication of her talent.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted August 9, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 18, 2007


On a quest to save his people from death and starvation, Chief Black Eagle he experiences a vision from the Great Spirit, which shows a beautiful doe-eyed woman shedding a tear, followed by a warning: “Guard her well.” Black Eagle stands in the cool water of Barton Springs -- the same water that had pulled Kris Baldwin back in time. The woman he recognizes from his vision quest floats downstream, her body appearing lifeless. With the Great Spirit’s words echoing in his mind, Black Eagle pulls the beauty to safety. But how can this white woman be the answer to his tribe’s plight? Black Eagle will soon find himself torn between duty and love, clinging to nothing more than faith.


Time's Captive
by Kate Lyon

July 1, 2004
Available: July 4, 2004
ISBN #0505526026
EAN #9780505526021
384 pages
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