"Adventure, Intrigue, and Drama on a Galactic Level"

yet war still exists. The Skolian Empire is based on democratic ideals while conversely the Aristo Traders Empire is built on slavery. Hostility seems imminent between these giants.

On the planet Lyshriol, seventeen years old Soz has gone behind her father Eldrinson's back to take the preliminary exams to enroll in the Desham Military Academy where her brother Alhtor is a fourth year cadet. Due to her high scores on the tests and the upcoming need for warriors, the Academy waives the age and parental requirements enabling Soz to enroll. Soz's father angrily disowns both Soz and Althor.

Their father regrets his words almost immediately but before he can do anything about it, his as his fourteen year old son has run away. As he looks for the lad, an Aristo capture him. Somehow the Traders have bypassed security on this Skolian planet. The Aristo cripples and blind him; when he recovers he withdraws from everyone even his beloved wife. Meanwhile Soz amazes everyone as she learns at an accelerated pace, but now she knows what happened to her father and vows to be the avenging Jagernaut.

Soz is a very interesting character, who, if she lives long enough, will probably replace her half-brother as the Imperator when Korj is unable to fulfill those duties any longer. Like her sire, she is a strong independent warrior who refuses to accept any weakness as she expects to be more than just the best soldier the academy ever graduated. Her father has a long recuperative road to journey, but like Soz stubbornly refused to allow his captors the victory they expected. SCHISM is filled with adventure, intrigue and drama on personal and galaxy levels that makes for an obvious Nebula nomination.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted November 29, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 18, 2007


Schism harkens back to the early years of the Skolian Empire, back to the beginning of the war between Skolia and the Euban Traders. Twenty-three years have passed since the fateful vote in the Skolian Assembly that Roca missed in Skyfall. It created the first open hostility between Eube and Skolia, which has only deepened over the ensuing years.

Now, Eube senses an opportunity, for strife has riven the first family of the Skolian Empire. Sauscony, the daughter of Roca and Eldrinson, is ready to seek her fortune as an officer-in-training in the Skolian military. When her father forbids her to undertake such a dangerous path, a wedge is formed as Soz chooses duty over family. Eube hopes to make this permanent, a divide that will leave the Skolian Empire ripe for conquest. And they're willing to kill anyone to make it happen.


(Part One of Triad - Skolian Empire: Book 10)
by Catherine Asaro

Tor Books
December 1, 2004
ISBN #0765309513
EAN #9780765309518
464 pages
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