"interesting teen vampire sequel"

Rayne is still reeling over the mistaken identification in which her straight twin sister Sunny was bitten by a hunk of a vampire instead of her. Now her sibling is a vampire and she is not (see BOYS THAT BITE).

However, life or perhaps a better term undead takes quite a bizarre spin for the distraught spirited Rayne. She has just learned that she is the Buffy of this generation with her first assignment to uncover which vampire is spreading a horrific blood disease one bite at a time. She wonders as a vampire slayer what to do about her twin. Still slaying seems relatively easy in Rayne's thinking; what is hard is to decide is whether to beat up Jareth or kiss him senseless.

This is an interesting teen vampire sequel that stars the twin left behind when those BOYS THAT BITE nipped her sibling. Rayne is a fascinating protagonist and her gender war with Jareth is enjoyable to watch though her chick lit asides can be somewhat irritating. Young readers will want to stake out Mari Mancusi's fun homage to Buffy.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted November 28, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 18, 2007


The edgy young vampire series continues!

A fresh voice and fresh blood—it adds up to one very sassy vampire series...

Sisters. They'll swipe your clothes, your boyfriends, your destiny. But it wasn't exactly Rayne's twin Sunny's fault. Magnus, a vamp hottie and coven leader, mistook Sunny for Rayne last month and bit her instead. Now they're doing the inter-species dating thing.

Turns out that for every generation, there's a Vampire Slayer—and this time around, it just happens to be Rayne MacDonald. Her first mission: infiltrate a seedy vamp bar downtown and expose its vampire owner for purposely spreading a blood disease he created himself—a task almost harder than passing trig.

After going it alone once, Rayne realizes she needs help. So Magnus sends his sexy Goth buddy Jareth to go undercover with her. And, frankly, Rayne wouldn't mind going under the covers with him. Maybe fate doesn't bite after all...

Genre: Young Adult, Vampire, Urban Fantasy

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Stake That!
(Blood Coven Vampire: Book 2)
by Mari Mancusi

Berkley Pub Group (Jam)
December 1, 2006
Available: December 5, 2006
ISBN #0425212106
EAN #9780425212103
288 pages
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