"Great continuation of this series!"

Once again, we're back in the world of the Chanku with Xandi, Stefan and Anton. The three of them have been together for a while now and are all happy and comfortable with their ability to change into wolves. They are also very comfortable with each other and share one bed. Even though they are all very open with each other, Anton wishes for the love Stefan and Xandi share. He wants a mate of his own. And he knows she's out there somewhere. One night while they're all sleeping, Anton is awakened by a dream. He's been having strange dreams for two weeks now.

Keisha Rialto was savagely beaten and raped by three men. Unfortunately, she knew they were planning on killing her. When the police finally showed up, they found her covered in blood. They also found her attackers, barbarically murdered with their throats torn out. The police report put the murders down as being committed by attack dogs, but Keisha doesn't think so. She's been having nightmares. Terrible dreams where she turns into a wolf and kills all three men.

While grocery shopping, Anton notices a "rag" with an article about a wolf. The next thing you know, the three of them are off to find this "supposed" werewolf. Will the three of them be able to convince Keisha she is also Chanku? Will she join their pack?

WOLF TALES 3: ANTON is a wonderful continuation of the WOLF TALES series. Kate Douglas has brought a new element into this series, that of rape and how it affects the victim. Not only the victim, but also how it affects her mate. Each one of these stories brings something new into the unique world Kate Douglas has created. All I can say is that this series just keeps getting better with each new tale and I can't wait for the next one!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 18, 2007


Anton discovers a new member of the pack, a traumatized and frightened young woman. Taming the wolf is easy. Is the love of the pack enough to help her heal?

Note: This book is also available in print as a compiltion which includes the stories Part 1: Stefan, Part 2: Alexandria, Part 3: Anton, Part 4: Keisha, and Part 5: The Gift. ISBN: 0758213867 ISBN-13: 9780758213860 December 2005


(Wolf Tales; Book 3)
by Kate Douglas

Changeling Press
August 1, 2004
Available: August 1, 2004
ISBN #159596049X
EAN #9781595960498
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