"Highly erotic romp in a land of mythical beings!"

Once again, we travel back to the enchanted land of Unicorn Valley. A magical placed filled with everything from vampires to unicorns. As our story begins, Shadow's foster mother falls ill. When Shadow arrives at her side, he finds his foster brother, Brolly the werewolf, already there. After Shadow feeds Brolly power, they manage to stabilize her. Of course, it's left to Shadow to inform his foster father and Herd Stallion, Tanne, what has occurred. Shadow takes his father's place at the Council meeting and his father teleports to his mate's side. All the inhabitants of the valley have the feeling Tanne will also suffer his mate's fate and now we have the problem of who will take charge of the unicorn herd and rule the valley. Even though all are aware Tanne wants Shadow to take his place, another wants to become Herd Stallion. The Council decides they must do some research to see if this change in power can come about without the violence of the Challenge. Shadow gets elected to take care of this because of his ability to read and write ancient unicorn.

So Shadow heads over to the Elf historian's home. Imagine his surprise when he finds Chantrea, a lovely young Elf. With both of them sharing a love of books, is it really any surprise when they find themselves immensely attracted to each other? Chantrea knows Shadow must continue his color line, so there is no possibility of a monogamous relationship between the two of them.

Will Tanne pass along with his mate? What will Shadow and Chantrea discover in their research? Will the passing of power in the unicorn herd pass with the Challenge? Who will become the Herd Stallion?

UNICORN VALLEY 2: STALLION'S HEART is an erotic romp into the world of mythical beings. Lena Austin has done a marvelous job of bringing her characters to life in this highly engaging story. We have Shadow, all male, raised to take his father's place in the herd. Then we have Chantrea who is royalty herself. Since her brother's have all provided heirs, she has been allowed to go her own way, knowing someday she will be forced into a political marriage for the good of her people. The characters are all engaging, the sex is hot and the plot is continuously moving. I can't wait for the next one in this series! I'm really looking forward to Brolly's story.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 18, 2007


Shadow, son of the Unicorn Herd Stallion and a Vampire mother, represents all thatís right in Unicorn Valley -- the blending of magical races, proving all can live together in peace and harmony.

But not everyone wants peace and harmony.

As his fatherís reign nears its end, Shadow must find historical precedence allowing the peaceful secession his father wants. The alternative is a bloody fight to the death with his own brother -- a fight heís not sure he can win. Shadow finds help where he least expects it -- in the arms of beautiful Elf Historian Chantrea. Now Shadow has everything to lose. Heís falling in love with an Elf, and his love only furthers his brotherís resolve to keep the races pure. If Shadow doesn't win this fight, Unicorn Valley may be plunged into a race war.

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Stallion's Heart
(Unicorn Valley; Book 2)
by Lena Austin

Changeling Press
September 1, 2004
ISBN #1595960430
EAN #9781595960436
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