"Fantastic series!"

Much to my surprise, I discovered this book is connected to THE UNICORN VALLEY series, also by Lena Austin. However, this takes place way before THE UNICORN VALLEY series begins. So with the AFTER THE FLOOD series, we gain a bit of background knowledge of Unicorn Valley.

Our story deals with Kella, a vampire, and Tanne Brae, a unicorn. Always been considered an outcast among other vampires, Kella suffers whenever she goes into heat since none of the Vampire Princes will have anything to do with her. The Vampires in Unicorn Valley see the unicorns as Gods and their whole religion and culture revolves around this. Of course, life has become somewhat better since Kella was taken under Sedna's wing as an acolyte. Being trained in the healing arts with the use of herbs, Kella at least has some purpose in her life now.

As the Unicorn Prince, Tanne could have become the Lead Stallion. However, Tanne doesn't want this life for himself, so he lives apart from the herd as a healer. Now, he's got a problem. During a birthing, a vampire bit him and Tanne needs to find out if the child inherited his magic, along with his blood. When he finds the child, now a young woman, he can sense her magic. Of course, the fact he's also attracted to her may add a complication or two. Now, if only he can convince Sedna to allow him to train Kella. Somehow or other, he manages to convince Sedna to allow him to train Kella and leaves the Vampire village with Kella riding on his back in his unicorn form.

When one of the Vampire Princes hears of Kella riding a unicorn, he immediately becomes interested in her and wants her for himself. Not wanting to be raped, Kella fights back. Of course, her magic isn't entirely under her control and she ends up using it during her struggles. When Tanne hears about this, he knows he must remove Kella from the village. He finds a cavern and redoes it to suit their needs. Now, he has a home for himself and Kella. She couldn't be happier, except for one thing. She wants to become Tanne's lover.

Will the Tanne and Kella become lovers? Will they become more? Will inhabitants of the Valley come to use their services as healers? Will Kella ever be accepted among the Vampires?

AFTER THE FLOOD 1: BLOOD AND MAGIC is a wonderful fantasy story! Lena Austin has once again worked her magic with the inhabitants of Unicorn Valley. I absolutely adore the mixture of Vampires, unicorns, gryphons, werewolves, dwarves, and all the rest. To have them together in one series is a definite plus in my book! We have the unique opportunity to watch two different species come together in love. Tanne's patience and Kella's quick learning abilities are absolutely a wonder! I was caught up in this story from the very first page and wanted it to continue when I hit the last. Everything Tanne and Kella end up going through just to be together just seems to make them stronger. And the fact I got to learn more about the making of Unicorn Valley is something I am ecstatic about. I cannot recommend this story highly enough!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 18, 2007


A proud and handsome unicorn stallion, Tanne made one mistake in his youth -- a mistake that created a vampire sorceress of nearly unlimited power. To redeem his honor, he must train her to control her abilities before she destroys the entire Valley of the Unicorns. The task before him is difficult... but more difficult still is to keep from succumbing to desire.

Kella has been raised to worship the unicorns as gods. She accepts Tanne's training... how can she not? But what she feels for him is more than reverence. Surely it's wrong to lust after a god...but she can't help herself.

Their magic threatens Unicorn Valley, but their passion just may save it.

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Blood and Magic
(After the Flood; Book 1)
by Lena Austin

Loose Id
October 1, 2004
ISBN #1596320230
EAN #9781596320239
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