"Wonderful paranormal Celtic tale!"

Our story begins in Scotland in the year 843AD. The Scottish King, Kenneth McAlpin, is attempting to gain peace with the Picts. They are all at a banquet, Kenneth, his brother, Donald, his cousin, Malcolm, and other Scottish warriors. On the Pict side, we have seven nobles. Well, when you get men and ale together, a fight inevitably breaks out and the seven Picts end up dead. Kenneth will now be able to be crowned as the King of Alba, the name he came up with for a united Scotland and Pictavia. Being very sneaky, Kenneth managed to steal Malcolm's "skin" and won't return it until he is crowned, even though Malcolm really wants it back.

While sleeping one night, Malcolm wakes up when he becomes aware of someone in the room with him. Immediately yelling out, Malcolm hears and manages to capture the assassin. Bringing the would-be killer before his king, Malcolm makes everyone aware the assassin just happens to be a woman, and a very beautiful one at that. When Kenneth gives Malcolm a choice of either marrying the woman or hanging her, Malcolm is not pleased. So he suggests a compromise, a handfasting of a year and a day. Kenneth agrees and so Malcolm finds himself handfasted to a Pict.

Bethoc lost both her father and her betrothed to the Scots. In accordance with the ways of her people, she has sworn vengeance. Of course, vengeance doesn't include being married to a man that does strange things to her insides whenever he touches her. Knowing her husband is hiding something from her, she begins to investigate to learn Malcolm's secret.

Will the two of them fall in love and live happily ever after? What of Malcolm's secret? And what is this "skin" stolen from him by Kenneth? Will Kenneth be crowned King of Alba?

DANGER IS SWEET is a story of one my favorite times in history; the Celtic era. Cornelia Amiri has obviously done her research into this subject before ever setting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, whichever the case may be. Every time I pick up one of Cornelia's books and begin reading, I learn something new about this period in history. Cornelia brings this period to life as we follow our hero and heroine through the beginning of their "forced" handfasting. I really love the paranormal element woven throughout this story as we discover the secret Malcolm is holding close. This is a wonderful story and I highly recommend it to all lovers of anything Celtic.

Posted October 20, 2004

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 17, 2007


From ancient druid lore, springs the tale of a mysterious, dark warrior, a fiery Pict Princess, and the shadowy secret standing between them. Bethoc, a Pict Princess, looses her father and her betrothed in the massacre of McAlpin's treason. After a failed attempt to slay the Scot King, Kenneth McAlpin, she is forced to wed the king's cousin, Malcolm.

Malcolm must somehow forge a strong enough friendship with the Pict princess to get her to help him guard the Scot's greatest treasure, the Stone of Destiny, as they carry it to Scone. For Kenneth means to be crowned in Scone on the jewel of destiny. Both Malcolm and Bethoc's friendship soon turns to love. But just when their relationship develops to the point where Bethoc declares her love for Malcolm, he reveals an unbelievable, dark secret.

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Danger Is Sweet
by Cornelia Amiri

July 1, 2004
Available: June 29, 2004
ISBN #1587494426
EAN #9781587494420
170 pages
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