"Hilarious twist to Dickens' tale!"

Elwright Pinchneck is a miser. He's actually mad his employees expect to have Christmas day off. And he was really shocked at the audacity of one his employees actually asking for more than just one day off! You see, Elwright owns a sex shop and massage parlor and he lives in an apartment above the store. Of course, he's too cheap to pay for heating his apartment, so he does without. Once his employees happily leave his establishment for the day, Elwright finally gets to count his money, his favorite thing to do. Since he has no interest in sex whatsoever, money is his obsession. When he finally finishes counting his money, twice yet, he beds down for the night with his cat and his teddy bear.

He's awakened by a noise and grabs the shotgun by his bed. He gets up and who does he see, but his dead partner! Once upon a time, Elwright was a cool dude. He was even in a rock and roll band with his partner. They were at a gig and when they got back to their motel and Elwright and Tessa were having fun in their room, it seems his partner had a bit of an accident with his blow up doll. The thing exploded and bits of his partner were scattered over three rooms! This was the incident that turned Elwright into the frigid miser he became, well this and his girlfriend being a nymphomaniac. And so begins the first of Elwright's ghostly visits.

Will Elwright ever get his sex drive back? Will he always be a miser?

AN EROTIC CHRISTMAS CAROL is one of the funniest stories I have read in quite some time! Emy Naso has the art of "bawdy" down to a science as he proves with his latest offering. Everything from the names, one of my favorite being Carol Cleavage of A.S.S., to some of the funny things that happen in this story, with "Tiny" Tessa finding four boys hiding under her boobs to get out of the rain. This story will have you laughing out loud from the very first page to the wonderful ending. This story is a must this holiday season. It definitely puts a twist in Dickens' knickers!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 17, 2007


This is an updated version of the much loved tale. But with added ingredients - bawdy sex and hilarious action. Or if you prefer, hilarious sex and bawdy action. Elwright Pinchneck is a successful owner of a sex emporium. Then tragedy strikes. His partner is killed in a freak accident and his lover is revealed as a nymphomaniac. The double whammy causes him to become a miser and lose his sexual appetite. How he is cured of both takes the reader through Christmas ghosts of past, present and future. Very funny and erotic. Warning - do not read in public, unless you are prepared to explain your uncontrolled laughter.


An Erotic Christmas Carol
by Emy Naso

eXtasy Books
November 1, 2004
Available: November 19, 2004
ISBN #1554102197
EAN #9781554102198
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