"Enchanting Magical Fantasy"

Susan Spencer Paul has always had the ability to entertain and with her newest series featuring the magical beings of the Seymour family she has created a world that will enchant and intrigue the reader long after the last page is turned.

Set in London and Wales she introduces the reader to Niclas Seymour who has the ability to 'read' the minds of the people around him. Three years earlier he discovered his best friend's wife was unfaithful. Believing himself responsible to warn Drew of her infidelity without taking into account the frailty of human emotions, Niclas' best friend Drew committed suicide. Because it was Niclas' magic that inadvertently led to the spilling of a mortal's blood, the Guardians saw fit to lay a blood curse on Niclas in punishment of his misdeed. Three years later, Niclas has not slept, cursed to never know a moments peace he has one chance to redeem himself before going entirely mad.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain Niclas begs his cousin and family patriarch, Malachi, to allow him to escort Drew's distant relation Miss Julia Linley to rescue her aunt from the clutches of one of the Seymour's mad cousins. The chance this would be the cure for a blood curse was minimal, but Niclas was willing to try and whether or not it worked, somehow, just being in Julia's presence brings a calm to Niclas that he hasn't had in years. Their journey is fraught with a kindling passion and danger including a confrontation with the evil wizard the Earl of Cadmaran, a confrontation that will either break the curse or end Niclas' life.

*** This was a wonderful magical romantic fantasy from an inspired author whose imagination and creativity knows no bounds. I've yet to be disappointed by anything I've read by this author. Niclas has got to be one of the most tortured souls ever created, not having been able to sleep for three years and the weaker he became, not able to control his ability of reading emotions from other people. Meeting Julia for the first time was such a relief as here was the one mortal whose emotions were not overwhelming him, but whose very presence and touch had such a soothing effect on him.

Julia was also developed beautifully for her role in being Niclas' savior so to speak. She was a late bloomer having been out for seven seasons, Julia noticed Niclas before he'd removed himself from society and fallen in love with the suave, elegant man. From that very first moment there could be no other man for her. Her ability as a mere mortal without magic and whose emotions could not be read by Niclas was part of the surprising ending that was delivered beautifully in a lovely wrap-up to this story and as a beginning to this marvelous series. Be prepared to be enchanted and thrilled by this master wordsmith.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 15, 2007


Behind glittering ballrooms lies a dark realm of magic and forbidden passions...

The Seymour family is one of the oldest and most respected families in England. However, what no one knows is that this family is also magically inclined and it's a secret they intend to keep. Niclas Seymour can sense the thoughts and emotions of others. It was only years ago that he became indirectly responsible for his best friend's death when he told him that his wife was cheating on him and he killed himself. And the law of the magical families is that if blood is shed by magic done then the offender is placed under a blood curse. Niclas has not known true sleep in three years and it is slowly driving him mad. He will do anything to lift the curse and finally be free of it. The only way that can happen is if he does a great deed for a member of his best friend's family. Such an opportunity has eluded him thus far. Then a Miss Julia Linley, also from one of the most respected families--and a distant relative of his friend---needs aide in rescuing her aunt from Niclas' uncle. It seems the man is set on marrying her aunt against her wishes. Not a great deed, but Niclas will take up this challenge on her behalf. What he does not expect when he meets Julia is that just her touch alone has the ability to drown out the voices. He craves her soothing touch, not only for the relief it brings, but for the passion she arouses in him. However, as they travel, an old nemesis appears threatening to expose Niclas and the whole magical society throughout England. And if Julia discovers his dark secrets will he lose her forever?


Touch of Night
by Susan Spencer Paul

St. Martin's Press
August 1, 2005
Available: April 2, 2005
ISBN #0312933878
EAN #9780312933876
341 pages
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