"Wonderful continuation of series!"

Once again, we're back on the Quiet Kitty with Brant, Willa and Bevel-leveB. Now that she's away from the evil Lord Avron, Willa is really starting to flourish. All her plumage is starting to come back. The three of them are getting along well and things are going great. Even to the point of Willa hearing a rumor about where one of her sisters may be. Of course, she gets upset with Brant when he refuses to investigate immediately, instead, he plans on finishing his business with the Landresi. Having no intentions of losing the profit he will gain from the transaction, Brant decides to check out the rumor once his business is completed.

Instead of being able to get his business finished and leaving, the head of the Landresi invites Brant for a personal meeting, knowing he won't be able to refuse.

What do the Landresi want with Brant? Why the face to face meeting instead of the normal way they transact business?

QUIET KITTY 2: DANCE WITH THE DEVIL is truly an intriguing story. Camille Anthony has given us the opportunity to revisit Brant, Willa and Bevel-leveB. Only this time, we get to learn a bit more of each of them. We discover Bevel and Brant are related through marriage. Brant's sister is married to Bevel. We also learn Brant is a prince on his home planet, that is, before the Corporation destroyed it anyway. I wonder where Camille Anthony will lead us next in this series and I can't wait to find out!

Posted January 23, 2005

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 14, 2007


The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The Quiet Kitty Waveship seethes with intrigue and lust. As Brant, Willa and Bevel draw closer to one another, reveling in their sexual relationships, a series of interconnected events lands Prince Taelen, a long-lived Landresi with telepathic and kinetic powers, in the midst of their happy little “family.” Taelen plans to bring down Willa's Corporation master, Lord Avron. Brant has doubts, but he'll dance with this devil until the truth is revealed. Will the Landresi breathe new life into the rebellion or will he prove to be a deadly threat? Taelen has his own agenda and the first target of this new alliance is Willa.

"Publisher's Note: This title is part of a serial -- books which share a universe and are meant to be read in order"

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Dancing with the Devil
(Tales of the Quiet Kitty Series; Book 2)
by Camille Anthony

Changeling Press
January 1, 2005
Available: January 1, 2005
ISBN #159596066X
EAN #9781595960665
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