"Two haunting tales of Scottish Vampires..."

This is a really neat premise - two bestseller author working in tandem on the same storyline. Lynsay Sands and Hannah Howell pen the two tales in THE ETERNAL HIGHLANDER. This is a real treat for Sands' fan, who know her for her Hysterical Historicals and the wacky Angeneau Vamps. This is a serious story, showing another side of her talent. Hannah Howell has long been known for her strong Scottish historicals. These two talented ladies combine their muses and come up with these interlocking medieval tales of paranormal romance.

Set in Medieval Times, Cathal and NacNachton and Connal MacAdie are Highlanders, they are cousins, but they are bound in a way deeper than blood or Clan alliances. They have a dark secret that ties them to their Clan, their lands, an ancient curse that has fallen upon all of their ancestry. This curse has seen them stalk the night, and shun neighboring Clans, burning with an unquenchable thirst that drives them and those like them. However, time of their remoteness is fast changing, and the fear their kindred might be hunted down and destroyed, push these two strong men, to lead the way to the future...and light. They can breed out their curse by marriage with Outsiders - women who blood will weaken the taint and forever break the pall of the curse that has made them a Clan apart.

In Nightriders by Hannah Howell, Cathal had decided to marry Bridget Callan. Dire circumstances pressed her to accept the offer of marriage to Cathal NacNachton. In The Highland Bride Lynsay Sands pens the gentle tale of Connal MacAdie and Eva Claxton. She, too, must marry because of desperate circumstances. The marriages of both of these women draw them into danger as the nature of the men they married slowly comes to light, pulling them into intrigue, danger and desire.

Both women are strong and refuse to be turned into pawns in a deadly game, with the lives of their husbands and their new Clan - the ultimate prize. Both women have decided to stand by their new spouses and fight for eternal love and the very survival of the Clan. For those who love Scottish Sagas and dark vamps, this is a super read.

Posted September 24, 2004

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 14, 2007


His love will live forever...

Cathal MacNachton and Connall MacAdie are cousins bound by far more than blood ties and the rugged Highland landscape their clan calls home. The ancient curse of their ancestry has fated them to live by night with an unquenchable thirst that neither can tame. The only thing that can save their souls is marriage to Outsiders -- mortals whose untainted blood will weaken the curse in their children, and break the chains of fear that have made their clan a breed apart.

Bridget Callan and Eva Caxton are the women who will shape the clan's destiny. Marriage to these strange and mysterious men rescues each of them from desperate circumstances -- and draws them into a web of danger, desire, and intrigue.

But Eva and Bridget refuse to be pawns in the battle that erupts as the future of the cursed clan hangs in the balance -- a war that must be fought after the sun sets over the deep, still lochs. Whatever the outcome, they'll stand strong by their brooding warrior lairds, willing and able to face down their enemies -- and fulfill their desire for eternal love...

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The Eternal Highlander
by Hannah Howell, Lynsay Sands

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
September 1, 2004
Available: September 1, 2004
ISBN #075820812X
EAN #9780758208125
320 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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