"Haunting paranormal"

SIGHT UNSEEN is a very impressive read from a savvy writer. In the Phoenix Brother series, the men are operatives working as a secret branch off the CIA, trying to fight terrorism inside the US. Agent Ethan Snow has been trying to break a group called The Covenant, an elusive, tight- knit groups of terrorist planning a big attack. For six months, Snow as tried to get close to them, but nothing. Trying to catch them is as easy as catching smoke. He is at a dead end and willing to try anything.

When the former head of the CIA branch in anti-terrorism suggests snow contact Raine McAllister, he is surprised to find he was sent to a psychic. And he is not sure he likes this. But there is no other option.

Raine was a former profiler, a manhunter for the CIA. She has a special gift that permits her to know things no one else could. Coming from a rough life of Carney sideshows, where she read tarot cards to survived, she was put into the CIA's program of testing children with "special gifts". When Snow learns of this, he is angry at a child being used in such a manner. A tougher Raine tells him playing games with the CIA behavior scientists was a damn site better than the life she lead before.

She is not happy to find Snow on her doorstep. Not happy to be sucked into the life. Worse, there is a deep attraction between them. One Snow tries to ignore; one Raine can already see the future of. As they track The Covenant, Raine discovers she has repressed childhood memories of a brutal murder, somehow connected to Snow's case. As the still waters of the past are disturbed, they must also uncovered the secret within Raine's brain, as the hunters are now the hunted. The killer is waiting to silence Raine for the key her mind holds.

Wilson has an easy voice that allows to reader to slid right into the story. Her understated, no-nonsense style gives strong credence to this paranormal story. A nifty tale, just right for summer reading.

Posted August 16, 2004

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 14, 2007


Cassie Donovan can see into the future, and the future she sees is her own--filled with murder! For Cassie, her power was frightening. To Dr. Shane Farhold, it was a curse, and his skepticism had dampened their torrid affair, leaving Cassie with a broken heart and a baby on the way. But someone saw her ability as a gift worth killing for. When battle-scarred Shane rescued her from a kidnap attempt, Cassie was thrust into his arms once again as they ran for their lives. Determined to protect Cassie and their child at all costs, Shane stayed close--and they soon shared rekindled passion and new understanding. But with danger at their heels, not even Cassie could predict a happy ending....

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In Sight of the Enemy
(Phoenix Brotherhood Series; Book 3)
by Kylie Brant

October 1, 2004
Available: October 1, 2004
ISBN #0373227841
EAN #9780373227846
256 pages
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