"This is one story that will have you reading late..."

Abigail Merriweather Gooden has a decent law practice in Austin, Texas. But her law practice is about the only normal thing about Abbie. With her mother being a socialite witch and her father having been a powerful wizard, Abbie has magick of her own. On her way to office, Abbie pauses, sensing the use of magick in the air, and not just any magick, but her mother's magick. Oh no, what a way to start the day! What has her meddling mother done now? Walking inside, she's met by her personal assistant, Daniel, an ex Special Forces gay man living with another ex Special Forces gay man who just happens to own the premier Austin spa. Of course, Abbie knows there's no mere mortal born that could stop her mother, but still, she's totally unprepared for the sight that meets her eyes when she first sees her office. Not only does it now look like something that should be in a museum, but all her law books and everything else is missing! So imagine Abbie's surprise when she finds out some of the pieces decorating her office belonged to her new client, Jurnik Golub, owner of a "gentlemen's club" and vampire. Not only is the vampire dating her mother, he has also hired a private detective to help with the case, a powerful all Alpha male shapeshifter, Lucan or "Luc" Knight.

The reason Jurnik needs an attorney is due to a murder, which took place in his club, an exotic dancer who he was involved with prior to Abbie's mother was viciously slain. As all these assorted characters get together in order to solve the dancer's murder, Abbie is also fighting her attraction to Luc.

Who is behind the murder of the dancer? Is it someone Abbie knows? What of the attraction between Luc and Abbie? Will Luc be able to handle independent Abbie with his Alpha tendencies? Will Abbie ever be able to trust any man?

THE CASE OF THE VIRTUOUS VAMPIRE is a very enjoyable read! Monette Michaels has done a wonderful job of spinning her tale of murder and mayhem in the non mere mortal world! This is one story that will have you reading late at night because you won't be able to put it down. This tale is filled with humor, murder, danger and the biggest thrill of all—love! The characters are all richly endowed and stay true to themselves, the plot is fast moving and the mystery is definitely a surprise! This is one you don't want to miss!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 14, 2007


Abigail Merriweather Gooden isn’t your typical Austin, Texas lawyer. Sure she has the so very chic law offices on West 6th Street and the prominent social status that comes from old Texas money, but she also has magic with a “k.” Abbie, after all, is a witch.

So, it isn’t surprising that the preternatural community sends all its legal matters to her. Such is the case with Jurnik Golub, owner of Exotica, a popular Austin gentlemen’s club. Jurnik is a vampire - - and someone has attempted to frame him for the murder of one of his strippers. All lawyers like innocent clients - - and Jurnik is definitely innocent, being that he was sleeping the sleep of the undead during the time of the murder.

Abbie along with Lucan Knight, the shape-shifter private detective Jurnik has hired, must race to find “whodunnit” before the Austin Police haul Jurnik in - - and he becomes a crispy client.


The Case of the Virtuous Vampire
(Gooden & Knight Mystery; Book 1)
by Monette Michaels

December 1, 2004
Available: December 15, 2004
ISBN #1553165543
EAN #9781553165545
238 pages
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