"Wonderful dark fantasy!"

Sarkinda is Shaman to the Anasazi, her aunt's people. She has never really been accepted by them, merely tolerated for her healing skills. Running away from the slaughter of the tribe and her aunt, Sarkinda heads away from the village. Just about at the end of her endurance, Sarkinda knows she will not escape the beasts chasing her. Knowing they can easily outrun her, Sarkinda begins to accept her fate. Just as she stops to rest, she is enveloped by a mist.

Elicean, a Sumerian who lives in Middle Earth, has been to the surface. He has seen Sarkinda and has taken to watching her. As the Anasazi are a dark-haired, dark- skinned race, Elicean knows Sarkinda is not one of them with her fair skin and golden hair. After becoming entranced with her, he has no option but to save her when he sees the rest of the tribe slaughtered. So he takes Sarkinda to his home in Middle Earth. In his heart, Elicean knows Sarkinda is his mate. When other inhabitants of Middle Earth discover he has a surface dweller in his home, they threaten her. At this point, Elicean knows the only way he can protect Sarkinda is to go through the ritual and make her his mate in reality.

They are both hiding secrets from the other. Even though Elicean swears to protect her, Sarkinda doubts him and feels he only wants her in his home to use her.

Will these two ever find love? Will Elicean be able to keep Sarkinda safe from those who wish to harm her? What is the secret Elicean is withholding from Sarkinda? Exactly what is he? And what is Sarkinda?

SOUL PROTECTOR is a wonderful dark fantasy tale. Lil Gibson weaves a tale of vampyres, soul stealers and the ancient Norse gods. This tale of good versus evil takes us a wonderful journey from the life of the Anasazi on the surface, to the glimpse into the society of those who dwell beneath the surface. Lil Gibson does a wonderful job of telling the story of two very different races and how they interact. This is a very good short story and I really enjoyed it. This is one I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 12, 2007


Elicean of Sumer comes from the darkness of middle earth, and Sarkinda the healer dwells on the sun-kissed surface. From different worlds and hidden backgrounds, their paths cross and the connection is undeniable. Passion would lead their hearts into a love that transcends all boundaries.

Gluttonous monsters attack the village where she served as shaman, and Elicean fights his own people to protect her. In doing so, he resurrects the Order of the Mist. Had he saved her, or was she now in even greater danger?

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Soul Protector
by Lil Gibson

Venus Press
January 1, 2007
ISBN #1598360213
EAN #9781598360219
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