"Intriguingly different look into a vampire culture!"

This book encompasses two stories: Cimmerian Reign Book 1 Forever My Love by Amanda McIntyre and Cimmerian Reign Book 2 Guardian by CS Chatterly, both of them taking place in England.

Our first story, Cimmerian Reign Book 1 Forever My Love takes place in the past, back in the days of lords and ladies. Being taken in by Lord Canterbury as child when he became orphaned, Adam knows just how lucky he is. Of course, he's great friends with his neighbor's daughter, Rosalind. The two of them always conspire against Rosalind's cousin, Reginald. Adam has always been interested in Rosalind, but doesn't even hope. Just before Rosalind is to leave for Europe for her "finishing", she manages to seduce Adam.

Being trained to take over the business from his father, Adam is now a successful businessman and lord. All during the years of Rosalind's absence, Adam cannot become interested in any other woman. She is all he thinks of, all he dreams of and the only woman he wants. Rosalind finally returns and her father is hosting a ball this very evening. When the two of them see each other, sparks fly. Rosalind once again manages to get Adam alone and tells him they were destined to be together.

Exactly what is Rosalind? Why does Adam dream of only her in his arms? What kind of a spell has she cast over him? Will Adam accept Rosalind, regardless of what she may be?

Our second story, Cimmerian Reign Book 2 Guardian, takes place in modern day England. Our heroine, Ann Foster, is an orphan as well. She works several part-time jobs so she can finish her education and attain her dream of becoming an archeologist. Still remembering her father's excitement when he happened to come across some ancient artifact while working on a construction site, she has vowed to attain her dream some day. Now showing up at the home of her future client, Maggie Maguire and her brother Cade, Ann somehow manages to make friends with Maggie's brute of a dog. When Cade offers Ann the job, only if she will agree to also become his mistress, Ann leaves.

When the building Ann lives in goes up in flames, along with all of Ann's possessions, she accepts Maggie's offer of becoming her personal assistant and living in the Maguires' home. Naturally, this is only after Cade apologizes for his previous offer. The more time Cade and Ann spend together, the more they are attracted to each other.

Why do Cade and Maggie have such an odd schedule, being around only in the evenings? How did they accumulate their wealth? Exactly why are they so different? Will Cade and Ann ever be together? Cimmerian Reign Book 1 -- 2 is a very different vampire novel. Amanda McIntyre has done a wonderful job of introducing us to society and lifestyle of the Cimmerian Reign and CS Chatterly gives us a more in- depth look into the life of a Cimmerian Reign Guardian. This is an extremely different look at the world of vampires. The plots of both stories keep moving, and don't slow down, keeping me interested from the very first page of the book, and held my attention throughout. I was really hoping the story would continue when I came to the last page. The characters and plots are all very realistic as the couples must learn to come to terms with who and what they are and if they will accept the lifestyle of the vampire in order to stay with the one they love. This is a wonderful book I cannot recommend highly enough and I sincerely hope there will be more Cimmerian Reign books in the future!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 12, 2007


"Book 1: Forever My Love" by Amanda McIntyre. Lord Canterbury raised the orphan Adam as his own son. As a child his only friends were the neighbor's kids cousins Rosalind Vancouver and devious Reginald. Adam vowed to always keep Rosalind safe. Years later, she is going off to school, but wants him to know that he is her soul mate so she bites him. More years pass before Rosalind and Adam meet up again; she demands he totally gives himself over to her and though confused he needs her too. However Reginald plans to destroy the love that has grown stronger between his cousin and the neighbor because he has plans for his blood relative.

"Book II: Guardian" by C.S. Chatterly. Vampire Cade Maguire desires Ann Foster, hired by his sister to care for their dog during the daytime. At first sight (not bite) he asks the pooch walker to become his mistress, but she refuses though she admits to herself she is very attracted to him even if they just met. Disappointed Cade tries to seduce the dog walker who has his blood boiling with lust that he soon realizes is love, but the fire in his soul does not expedite his thirst as much as the fire to her home does.


Cimmerian Reign, Book 1 & 2
by Amanda McIntyre, C. S. Chatterly

Venus Press
April 1, 2005
Available: April 19, 2005
ISBN #1598360019
EAN #9781598360011
450 pages
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