"A wonderful fantasy romance"

Christine left Santa Caribe Island after her first night as a married woman. She had witnessed some very disturbing events that put her life in danger. Believed to have been betrayed by her husband and his best friend Jonas, she runs, taking with her only three religious amulets and a lion cub, Thor, one of the Guardians of the island, who has abilities beyond human comprehension. After giving Michael, her husband, one chance to prove his innocence, and he seemingly betrays her even more, she has put that life behind her and has been on the run ever since.

Several years later, Christine is alive and well in a small Cape Cod town. She had faked her death shortly after arriving there, hoping to throw those after her off her trail. She now lives under an assumed name, with the daughter of she and her husband, and Thor. Michael had just found out about her death, heading to the town of Farewell, to say his to his wife, only to bump into her in the flesh, with the daughter he never knew he had.

Now the real adventure begins. Michael does not understand why Christine left him all those years ago, nor why she seems to hate him upon finding each other again. Slowly the story comes out, and Michael realizes he had been used in a game he can't believe, one conducted by his best friend. When he unknowingly puts Christine and their daughter Kayla in danger, they have to work together to solve the mystery of why those amulets are so important to Jonas, and why he will stop at nothing to retrieve them. Through it all they learn their love has never died, but only grown stronger. But can they get beyond the hurts of their past to build the life together they have always dreamed of?

This is a suspenseful story that crosses land and water from Cape Cod to the Caribbean Islands. Christine is a remarkable woman to have overcome so much in her young life. She was not the strongest heroine in flashback scenes, but her ordeal shaped her into a force to be reckoned with. It sure doesn't hurt either that she has a huge wild cat as her constant companion. Michael is a confused man who just wanted his friend and wife to get along, the reason behind some of his less then stellar choices made, and can't understand why they don't just love each other. He is torn between his love of the woman he made wife before she vanished, and his loyalty to the friend he thought he could count on for anything. Though Michael is a powerful member of this story, the focus does seem to be on Christine and how she handled the curves fate had thrown her way.

From the very first paragraph, the reader learns they are in for a treat. Ms. Anderson paints a vivid picture that one can't help but envision in the mind. Her descriptive passages are delightful and the action never stops throughout the entire book. There is plenty of mystery as Christine and Michael try to find the answers to what the amulets really can do, and what they mean to those after them. And who can forget Thor, the loveable telepathic lion? He is a wild cat of extraordinary abilities, like all of his kind, who was bred for one reason... protect Santa Caribe and her native inhabitants, and never let the amulets of power fall into the wrong hands.

Ms. Anderson has found a winning formula with this book, combining adventure, passion, mystery, and the paranormal into a story that will enthrall the readers, not releasing them from its spell until the final page is turned. This reviewer hopes this story is a sign of things to come from the talented author, and hopes just maybe to get to visit with some of these beloved characters again. This one is not to be missed!

Kelley A. Hartsell, April 2003. All rights reserved.

Reviewed by Kelley Hartsell Courtesy Love Romances Posted August 15, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 12, 2007


The Guardian Of The Amulets
by Jessica S. Andersen

Five Star
March 1, 2003
ISBN #0786247045
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