"Fans of shape-shifters & magical creatures, rejoice! Excellent trilogy!"

SEA CHANGE by Karin Huxman When her husband dies, Marianne Shore decides to return to her childhood home in Jamaica. Sea Captain Jonah McAdams has exceptionally good luck -- he's never lost a ship and he's never had a woman on board. However both their lives change when Jonah agrees to take Marianne back to Jamaica and along the way a wave breaks the ship apart, stranding the two on an isolated island. Jonah needs to return to the sea, but he can't abandon Marianne who he is starting to think might be more than she seems.

This is an excellent mer-story by Karin Huxman. At first I had a hard time understanding where she was going, but she never lost me as a reader. Marianne wants to be the dutiful widow in mourning, but she is very attracted to the captain, even before they are marooned. Jonah needs to return to his underworld kingdom and name his consort. But there is something drawing him to Marianne beyond his duty that has the story ending in a bit of a shock. The good news is that this appears to be the beginning of a series, and I can hardly wait!

LADY OF THE LOCH by Taylor Manning Aeryn lives in the Loch by the Clan Campbells land. When she finds a baby boy abandoned by the waters edge, she adopts him as her own. Only the very mortal Leith MacEwan quickly shows up and is adamant that the baby belongs to someone else. Not caring about mortals who would toss a child away and then want it back, she returns home into her home in the loch. Thus begins the battle for the baby and Aeryn and MacEwan loose their hearts.

This is a really cute story. Aeryn is bound and determined to have her child and MacEwan promises to give her another one to replace the one that belongs to the Clan Campbell... while he spoke out of context, she took him seriously. Their relationship is actually very tender, even though it really is a battle of wills. Aeryn has a protector, Nib, a kelpie (shape shifting horse), that made me laugh because he wanted to eat MacEwan.

CURRENTS RUN DEEP by Shelley Munro Asia Bolino sings in a nightclub where she draws the attention of Roman Anderson. While she has had a crush on him since she was a girl and they are both orca shape shifters, he is forbidden...they are from warring tribes. Because he doesn't recognize her, Asia can't pass up the opportunity to go on a date. Only, when Roman picks her up, he is violently attacked and a head wound brings on a bout of amnesia. Waking up, Roman assumes they are man and wife...which Asia wants more than anything.

There is a lot that happens in this short little story! Wow! Shelley Munro certainly has a way with words. Her story takes place off the coast of Australia and is full of passion as well as action. Roman is the head of his family, which is in the middle of getting torn apart because of greed. He may not have the time to fall in love, but when his memory returns, he is a better person. I loved the idea of shape shifting into an orca and can only say Wow! I really had good mental visuals throughout this story.

*** I originally wanted to read this book because of the cover (funny actually considering it's in electronic format). The colors drew me in. The stories are sweet and romantic, and while short, have great plot lines. Language wise, each tale gets progressively steamier however none of the stories came across as overblown, nor did it jar me from enjoying what I was reading.

I really can't say which story I liked better because FROM THE DEEP is a very well put together collection of stories, and a rare treat for fans of the watery realms!

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Posted March 8, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted January 12, 2007


From beneath the restless, mysterious depths they emerge, lovers as dangerous and enigmatic as their world, seducing the unwary as surely as the siren call of sea.

Sea Change by Karin Huxman: Shipwrecked by a storm at sea, Marianne is rescued by Jonah, Prince of the Mer people, and taken to a deserted tropical island where the two of them discover the true nature of love, consequences, and sacrifice.

The Lady of the Loch by Taylor Manning: When Aeryn, Lady of the Loch, takes the bairn abandoned in the rushes on her shore she is seen by Leith MacEwan. Despite his uneasiness, he follows, only to find himself in a mysterious underwater grotto and at the mercy of Aeryn, who uses her mystical powers of seduction to gain her heart’s desire. Unfortunately, from the moment she sees Leith MacEwan she’s no longer certain of just what her heart desires most.

Currents Run Deep by Shelley Munro: Knowing him for an enemy tribesman, orca shifter Asia can not resist Roman and finds herself playing a dangerous charade when he losses his memory. Can she continue to sleep with the enemy she’s coming to love or will fate intervene once again, destroying the fragile bond between them?

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by Karin Huxman, Taylor Manning, Shelley Munro

New Concepts Publishing
July 1, 2005
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