"This trip was a change of pace I enjoyed"

FARTHEST SPACE: THE WRATH OF JAN by Ellen Fisher Captain Steven McNeill is captivated by his new Noo'dis't Communications Officer S'ansi. Having served five years with Steven, Science Officer Vaish was obsessed with her Captain; even if he is an ass. When their Alliances flagship is taken over by terrorists, the pair are dumped on a lonely planet...or so they thought!

Ellen Fisher has written a fun space age story that really struck me as a cross between "Star Trek" and "Galaxy Quest". Steven needed an eye opener and ending up on an uninhabited planet...populated with enormous saber-tooth cats. Steven thinks he is the intergalactic gift to women, so I was surprised after only one day Vaish eased up on him. However they are faced with a mutual hidden attraction and the only two people on the planet.

About the title: THE WRATH OF JAN, well Jan is one angry woman...she tried to take over the universe and was thwarted by our sexy captain -- as well as dumped on an uninhabited planet with 100 angry followers. So Jan is out for a little revenge.

I greatly enjoyed the other novel I'd read by Ellen Fisher and this was no different. FARTHEST SPACE was a fun, sexy story that while campy and making many cultural references, I found very enjoyable.


EARTH GIRLS AREN'T EASY by Jaide Fox Chyna Lin is a freedom fighter. Or at least she was until she is captured by the enemy and the planets ruler makes her an offer: go to prison or have his heir.

Darion wants to create peace between the people, and taking Chyna as a concubine seems the perfect answer. However, like all alpha heroes, he doesn't really explain what he is truly trying to do. The story is appropriately titled, Chyna is a very determined woman. She falls hard for her gentle captor who is an exceptional lover but still feels the need to escape and return to her cause.

This is the first story I've read by Jaide Fox so I have nothing to compare it with but WOW! With very graphic language, EARTH GIRLS AREN'T EASY is almost two giant sex scenes. I was impressed both with the emotions incorporated between Chyna and Darion and the fact that even though she is falling hard for him, she still tries to escape; twice, with very interesting results.

While a little too racy for this reader, I did enjoy the story between Chyna and Darion and wish it had been a little longer.


FULLY FUNCTIONAL by Ashley Ladd Best friends Scott and Gregg have finally done it. They have built life- like robots with artificial intelligence and a "smart house" for them to live. After convincing Scott's little sister Shannon to test everything out, and against her better judgment, she moves into Greggs newly re-modeled house complete with a robotic maid, cook and sex crazed butler.

This was an entertaining and very enjoyable read. Shannon and Gregg have mutual crushes on each other. This frazzles both of them because Rafael the butler is so intent on seducing a not interested Shannon. While the maid Myrtle seems to have the biggest issue with Shannon, it's actually the cooking that had me laughing.

Our two characters already have a friendship as well as mutual attraction. All Shannon and Gregg needed was a little jealousy and danger to bring love into their lives. This is the first story I've read by Ashley Ladd and FULLY FUNCTIONAL really needs to get edited. Regardless, this is my favorite of the four stories.


INTERPLANETARY LOVE by Shelley Munro When Ekims's sister Rala signs him up for a dating service, he is matched with Carly, from Earth. The only thing is, how does Ekim tell Carly the whole truth and nothing but the truth when Rala lied on his application?

I liked INTERPLANETARY LOVE on so many different levels. We have the mixing of planets as well as cultures. Ekim lives on Nidni and is an actor as well as the illustrious title of the planets greatest lover. Carly, who is a cop, just wants an honest guy and a good lover.

While the language was a little racy for me, the relationship that develops between Ekim and Carly is very sensual and well written. Ekim is tired of his life and while it may mean loosing his title of the planets greatest lover, he sees what he can have with a relationship with Carly. I also liked the role reversal of the man being the "piece of meat" rather than the woman.

I've never read anything by Shelly Munro and I was disappointed in the editing here also. However the story itself is very good.


TRIPPING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE was a change of pace for me. I enjoyed the stories spun by the contributing authors and would recommend the book.

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Posted December 13, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted January 12, 2007


Take a romp into a future gone wild.... Boldly going where no woman has gone before, four women sift through the rubble of disaster in search of love and passion....


Tripping Through The Universe
by Shelley Munro, Ellen Fisher, Jaide Fox, Ashley Ladd

New Concepts Publishing
August 1, 2005
ISBN #1586085972
EAN #9781586085971
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