"true soul mates find the magic of love as the solve a mystery in a magical world"

The fairy's Allegro and Largo are back! Just when it looked like they would be able to return home to the magical world of Jubilant, the duo are forced into servitude by escaped trolls who have kidnapped Largo's fiancÚ. This time they are looking for the Sheridan heir-a shape shifter, who is the last of his family and would have also been dead if not switched at birth with a stillborn mortal child. With the magical harp getting fixed, he is the final barrier with the ability to keep the world safe from the sordid underworld!

However, what really has me hooked is the fact that our hero Nolan Monroe, the Earl McFearson thinks he killed his beloved wife Selena during what he calls a "black spell". Because of his grief, he has been thwarting the most unsavory of criminals, attempting to get himself killed. Then our heroine Tessa Ballard, who is also a spy for the British crown, steps in. He suddenly has a reason to live because maybe he didn't kill Selena in one of his momentary lapses of madness.

Gloria Harchar has written another fantastic book. We have fairies, shape shifters, worlds insides worlds and magic all put into a regency setting. The villain was a surprise, and it actually made me cry for our heroine, Tessa. But I think what really makes ENDANGERED BY MAGIC for me is the fact that our leading couple really had to embrace a foreign world (of magic) in order to solve this mystery! Nolan actually had the ability to be a weak character. Instead, he caught me off guard with how complex he truly was! He is your ultimate troubled hero. Tessa is his perfect match. Raised as a wild gypsy child and then sent to an English school for girls, she is strong both of will and body and determined to get to the bottom of her best friend, Selena's, murder. The romantic tension between the two is extraordinary, especially since Tessa is doing her best to deny it, with some very creative results. The only thing that really troubled me about ENDANGERED BY MAGIC is that they fell in love so quickly after Selena's death. After thinking about this and learning about Selena as a woman I actually think she would have wanted them to come together. Reading the book, this will make more sense. But it is the chemistry between Tessa and Nolan that makes them seem like true soul mates.

ENDANGERED BY MAGIC can totally stand alone as a novel that I have to recommend to anyone who loves the fairy world mixed with a historical background. I HAD to put this book down half way through and it drove me nuts! Gloria Harchar has a wonderful writing ability and I am anxiously waiting for her next story!

Posted January 29, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted January 12, 2007


Kissed, enchanted and now....endangered by magic

The denizens of the parallel world of Quelgheny are back again as pixies Allegro and Largo try to keep Jubilant, their cloud-enshrouded home, safe by making sure that love triumphs in Regency-era England. Following the same formula she used in Kissed by Magic (2004), Harchar makes love bloom between a lord and a commoner who have been forced into marriage. Lauren, the eldest daughter of a rogue and a thief, pretends to be the daughter of a long-missing lord and befriends Lady Bing. After her death, it's discovered that Lady Bing specified in her will that in order to inherit, her grandson, Grant, must marry Lauren. In need of money, the two unwillingly do so. Starting off very slowly because Harchar provides a great deal of backstory, the tale does gain speed as an entertaining, lightly sensuous read with sexy love scenes, exciting combat, and a lovingly depicted trio of sisters.


Endangered by Magic
(Quelgheny Romance ; Book 3)
by Gloria Harchar

Dorchester (Heartspell)
August 1, 2005
Available: August 30, 2005
ISBN #0505526182
EAN #9780505526182
305 pages
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