"Humans, werewolves and vampires! OH MY!"

Sion Baptiste is a vampire who can walk during the day. His father has sent him to hire Samantha, a bodyguard, under the pretense of protecting the family against an unknown enemy, most likely werewolves. Both are in the dark regarding his true purpose - creating a master race of vampires that will be able to once and for all destroy the werewolves.

Disbelieving that she is the key to the Master race, and unwilling to be a pawn, Samantha becomes the hunted. When the vampires she has vowed to kill capture her, Samantha escapes only to get kidnapped by werewolves. Finding herself in a battle for her own life, she quickly discovers that the only way to save herself is to actually unite both factions to fight an even greater enemy!

Tamara Gray has written a very fast paced novel that kept me reading as quickly as possible. Even though Samantha looses more blood than any one person should be allowed to loose (and not die or turn into a vampire), and it didn't make since that a master vampire would hire a mortal body guard -- which she herself was suspicious of - I LOVED this book!

THE SILVER FANG quite honestly is just amazing. The story is told in first person from Samantha's perspective (which was very quickly forgotten) and reads like a movie script. Fans of Wesley Snipes 'Blade' series and the movie 'Underworld' would really like this book as it reminded me of these movies. However, THE SILVER FANG, make no mistake, is its own story.

The story starts with the ending battle and then you find out what happened leading Samantha into a blood bath with the werewolves. It was actually masterfully written because as a reader I had two totally different feelings reading the same section.

Samantha is a strong woman. Stronger than most men she knows. I really liked her personality. Sion Baptiste, I greatly under estimated because at first I just found him exceedingly annoying. In the end, I really think get got the short end of the stick, even though he technically gets the will have to read the story to find out what I mean here!

I was really frustrated with the ending because while it came to a satisfactory conclusion, you know there is more following because to many items haven't been resolved. So this will be another series on my auto-buy/must read list. I was so impressed with Tamara Gray's writing style; I can't believe this is her first novel.

Absolutely phenomenal! Buy the book or get the download, if you are a fan of vampires or werewolves it won't matter, you won't be disappointed with THE SILVER FANG!

Posted January 7, 2006
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Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted January 12, 2007


As the human world struggles with accepting the fact there are creatures that go bump in the night, in sultry New Orleans, one woman is swept into a world only nightmares are made of. But Samantha Houston is different than most humans. She bumps back....

When a sexy vampire and his family hire her to protect them and track down a killer, Samantha finds herself a target of both vampires and werewolves.

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The Silver Fang
(Samantha Houston Series; Book 1)
by Tamara Gray

New Concepts Publishing
September 1, 2005
Available: September 1, 2005
ISBN #1586087258
EAN #9781586087258
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