"an awesome story"

It has been a long three weeks for Samantha Houston. First she found out she was part vampire, then became one and was promptly infected by a werewolf. She now has two weeks left to find the werewolf who infected her, and drift with him or they will both die.

However Samantha doesn't have time to mourn the loss of her humanity as both the vampires and werewolves are trying to kill her. Working with Sevastian, they conjure the "Dark Avenger" Samantha's only hope to even live long enough to find Ty. Then there is the vampire Sion Baptiste...the man she both craves and would like to see really dead.

But all Samantha really wants to do is get revenge.

YES! YES! Tamara Gray has had me chomping at the bit to know what would happen next and well, I want the next book... now! I really enjoy her writing style; I find it quirky, upbeat and I love the subtle little descriptive words she adds to her characters that make them more realistic.

Like the first story, THE WOLVES DEN is very fast paced and a lot happens in a very short amount of time. This story is also very action oriented but it has many violent altercations, where our heroine would have died had she not already been immortal. However, I found myself laughing at various different things that happened as well. For example, I got a good laugh out of her growing list of people she wants to kill, when she has the time.

There have been some comparisons made to Laurel K Hamilton's stories. However, I've never read one, so I can't answer this. I can tell you that Samantha is a very strong, independent woman who while has admitted she loves Sion Baptiste, can't stand the vampire. This story seems to focus on her search for Ty- the werewolf who infected her. While she does find him, a battle breaks out and she inadvertently sends him to (I think) the innards of Earth to save him. So this is still unresolved, hence, I need the next book!!

As a reader, we start learning, as Samantha learns, what it means to be a vampire as well as the prophecy she is a part of; often with humorous results. We also get to find out more about the mysterious and evil dracomeres. I really liked the Dark Avenger; he fits the description of tall dark and mysterious. At first he wasn't what I was expecting but my opinion changed when Sam actually needed him.

I would highly recommend reading Tamara Gray's stories in order, the first being THE SILVER FANG, because there is no back story to catch you up on the events you would have missed out on by not having read the first book. THE WOLVES DEN is an awesome story, and this is definitely an author you won't want to miss!

Reviewed March 25, 2006
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Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted January 12, 2007


Things that go bump in the night beware, Samantha Houston bumps back! Samantha Houston had a rude awakening into the world of vampires and Lycans. Now she must come to grips with the monster she is becoming and fight to hang on to every shred of humanity she has left inside. Her greatest fears are now reality as she struggles between hatred and love for the creature that created her. The only motivation not to end her existence is revenge for the loss of all that she loves most. As bits and pieces of the vampiric prophecies are revealed, her anger increases. Not only does she feel betrayed, but she also fears both Siön Baptiste and the Lycans will use her to gain control of the paranormal community and maybe even the human world. Nothing will stand in her way to find the truth, not even the vampire she loves.

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The Wolves Den
by Tamara Gray

New Concepts Publishing
February 1, 2006
Available: February 6, 2006
ISBN #1586088165
EAN #9781586084806
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