"An intense, paranormal romance"

Maggie O'Roarke is down on her luck-- her business is bankrupt and she only has six dollars and some change to her name. In an effort to feel better, she goes out for some comfort food. Unfortunately, it is late and she lives in a very bad neighborhood. However, her only option is to walk and she needs comfort food. On the way to the corner store, she is attacked from behind by someone with superhuman strength. Maggie puts up a good fight but she is no match for a vampire. Danior Blake, a powerful vampire in New Orleans, comes upon the vampire and confronts him about breaking a vampire edict against taking humans in the city. He tells the young vampire that he will take care of the body. Danior finds himself drawn to the spunky woman and decides to break the law by allowing her to live and change into a vampire. The penalty for changing a human is death.

CARNAL THIRST was an intense, paranormal romance with two tortured characters. Danior was a brooding, lonely vampire, who risked everything for Maggie. Maggie was a fighter who had low self-esteem and had to overcome issues about her size. Kudos to Ms. Anwar for having a size eighteen heroine! I really enjoyed the fact that a big beautiful woman got the hunky hero. All in all, CARNAL THIRST was an enjoyable vampire romance; I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield Posted July 15, 2004

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted January 11, 2007


The Council has demanded her death and that of any who harbor her. Maggie's one chance at survival depends solely on a creature she has been taught to fear her entire life, the vampire lord, Danior.


Carnal Thirst
by Celeste Anwar

New Concepts Publishing
June 12, 2004
ISBN #1586084844
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