"SF Romance with compelling characters"

Ashe Martez is a Huntress, a bounty hunter from the planet Malia. She is chasing a slave trader and follows him to Earth, where he has been kidnapping women for his trade. Sheriff Ty Jacobson has been keeping track of the many women, who have disappeared. He finds himself drawn to the strange young woman, who he stopped for speeding. Ashe is using her computer to make the necessary actions to blend in with the human population. However, things don't go smoothly, at first, and she finds herself stopped for speeding. Ty keeps an eye on Ashe and finds himself involved in her case.

THE SHERIFF AND THE HUNTRESS is a science fiction romance with compelling characters. Although THE SHERIFF AND THE HUNTRESS started off a little slow, I soon found myself involved in the characters' lives. I would have enjoyed more explanation of Ashe's society. There was another aspect of the book, that I found mildly annoying-- the eye color of the hero and heroine was mentioned a lot. All in all, THE SHERIFF AND THE HUNTRESS was a nice read, that kept my attention but had aspects which I found mildly annoying.

Posted July 18, 2004

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted January 11, 2007


On her native planet of Malia, Ashe Martez is a Huntress. It's her job to bring known criminals to Justice. Her current prey is Andre Glassen, who has been selling women as love slaves at the underground auctions. Ashe chases a lead to the unknown sector, where her ship's computer traces Andre to the state of California. Once there, Ashe meets Sheriff Ty Jacobson. As they give chase to Andre, Ty realizes that Ashe is not who she says she is. He is blown away when he discovers that she's not even from Earth. For the first time in Ashe's life, she is becoming involved with a man. Her relationship with Ty distracts Ashe from her mission, with disastrous results.


The Sheriff and the Huntress
by Tammie Ainsworth

Whiskey Creek Press
July 1, 2004
Available: July 2, 2004
ISBN #1593741073
EAN #9781593741075
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