"An excellent series with paranormal abilities and lifemate romantica situations"

Sixth in the Raven Series, this book takes us further into the life and times of the Raven Family, know as the Unkindness of Ravens. The Family Raven, have been vampire hunters for centuries, ever since a Raven female was abducted and killed by a clutch of Vampires. Over the years in order to hunt vampires, the Ravens have altered their appearance to resemble the vampires they sought. Their incisors have been modified, and due to the number of vamp bites over the centuries, their DNA has been altered also. The family has dwindled to its current state of only 5 actual Raven male family members. In part to counteract the low numbers and because of familial relations of one of the Raven wives (Bk 4), Rogue has become both a family member and a new hunter.

Rogue and John (Bk 1), the head of the Unkindness of Ravens are off on an assignment to discover why blood has been turning up missing at a small satellite hospital. During his stint undercover as a janitor, Rogue falls, literally, for Kaitlyn Gale, who unknown to Rogue at the time, is the very vampire he's hunting.

Kaitlyn is a beautiful lab tech who had taken a vacation to New York to experience her wild side. Well, that experience turned out to be a bit more than expected and she returned home ill. When the "illness" doesn't abate she discover to her horror she has become a vampire and in addition to the need for blood, her libido has also changed to intense. Not being able to embrace these new changes to her life, she has been trying to determine what about her blood has changed and how to correct it. Her run in with Rogue, where they find themselves sprawled on the hall floor outside her lab, turns into the erotic experience of her life.

After their initial meeting and subsequent erotic night together, Rogue has discovered she is a vampire and tells her he is the same, but later Kaitlyn discovers that his heart still beats while hers does not. The subsequent explanations come and Rogue is in the process of trying to figure out how to protect her from the Ravens and keep her safe form prosecution regarding the blood theft. When he steals blood from the hospital for her and the theft is discovered John calls his brother Eric (Bk 2) for backup and they track Rogue down to Kaitlyn's place. Rogue has convinced Kaitlyn to come back with him to the Raven Compound and seek help to change her back to human. Because of the lengthy trip back Rogue persuades Kaitlyn to feed from his blood, this being the first time she has fed from a living human and she is reluctant due to fear of hurting him. Nevertheless he succeeds in persuading her to try so they can travel home safely, of course that is the moment John and Eric find them. A heated discussion takes place and when they hear of the unusual way she was transformed, they agree to take her back where one of the other Raven wives has been working on an antivirus for vampirism. They return to the base with all the requisite warnings about what will happen if she appears to be a danger to the Raven wives or children.

The antivirus does indeed work and Kaitlyn returns to her human form. This, however, creates a new question, what do they do with the vampires they hunt, kill them or try to save them. Up until this time the answer has been to kill them as most are ravening monsters. To add to this dilemma, a human companion who had demonstrated immunity to the virus similar to that of the Ravens, has escaped the compound and the hunt for him is on, setting up I believe, the next book in the sequence.

The books in this series are generally classified as erotic paranormal, and they DO live up to their name. There are several extremely descriptive sequences but fit well with the storyline. The series deals with a "lifemate" premise with paranormal abilities and sexual situations. The continuing characters grow through the series and have all been a good read. They are a fun series to read with a nice bit of romantica thrown in for good measure.

Reviewed by Leola Brooks

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted January 8, 2007


Rogue Raven Shanley was learning. He had trained with the best of the best when it came to vampire hunters—The Unkindness of Ravens. Rogue had joined the Raven Clan after his own grandfather had been killed by a vampire and one of the Ravens—Drake—had saved his Aunt Grace from the same fate. Rogue had only been on one mission to destroy a Clutch of vampires. This would be his second. He thought he was prepared for the battle ... until he met his prey. Kaitlyn Gale, a beautiful, fiery-haired fledgling vampire, was going crazy. One night of passion while on vacation in New York City had changed her life forever. Now she was trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with her. Why she avoided daylight. Why she craved blood, of all things. It had to be a virus. Had to be. Back home now in Indiana and working at her job in the hospital lab, she can run tests on her own blood while she stealthily steals bags of blood from the blood storage to tame her appetite. But her life takes another wild turn when she literally runs into Rogue Shanley. Kaitlyn is drawn to him, not realizing the dangerousness of the situation until Rogue tells her exactly who and what he is—a vampire hunter sent to kill her. Rogue breaks the number one rule when it comes to vampire hunting: Do Not Fall In Love with Your Target. When Rogue and Kaitlyn come together in a red-hot heat, both of them know that they'll never be able to break their bond. Problem is will The Unkindness of Ravens, the men Rogue owes his loyalties to, allow Kaitlyn to live?


Rogue the Redeemer
(Book Six Raven Series)
by Rhiannon Neeley

Liquid Silver Books
March 1, 2005
ISBN #1595780874
EAN #9781595780874
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