"CHASING LOVE is an enjoyable addition to the Rutledge Werewolf series"

Christiana Rutledge, heir to the pack leadership, has been in love with Edward Matthews, since they were small children. When she was fourteen, Christiana confronted Edward with her plans for dating and marrying. Edward, who was then seventeen, wanted the freedom to experience life during his college years. Therefore, he turned Christiana down and hurt her badly. Ten years later, Edward wants a relationship with Christiana, because he can't get her out of his head. Christiana, also, compares all men to Edward, but she has been deeply hurt. Will Christiana be able to forgive Edward and find her True Mate?

CHASING LOVE is an enjoyable addition to the Rutledge Werewolf series. I get to revisit characters, who hold a special place in my heart. I greatly enjoy Ms. Lapthorne's concept of True Mates in her werewolf world. Edward has to prove himself to Christiana, which is only right after he hurt her so badly. However, both of them come to realize, what their family has known-- that they are True Mates. If you are looking for an erotic, werewolf romance, give CHASING LOVE a try.

Posted June 11, 2005

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted January 8, 2007


Christiana Rutledge has finally graduated from college and is ready to head back home and help her father run Rutledge Securities and lead the Pack. But first, she has to attend the Graduation Ball. After working for hours on just the right costume, she can turn herself into the alluring, seductive woman she knows is inside herself. For one night, she will cast off all her inhibitions and let loose. Then she can move on to her responsibilities to the Pack and her family. And perhaps meet her True One, her mate for eternity. Edward Matthews couldn't believe the lengths he was going to for a night with Christiana. Growing up together, she had offered her childish heart to him. Youth he had been, he had rejected her and regretted it for years. Crashing her masked ball and seducing Christiana might be one way to get his no-strings-attached affair with Christiana. Or at least work her out of his system! Maybe after a few days of hot, sweaty sex they could both get on with their lives. What neither realizes is that they are actually chasing each other. And Chasing Love.


Genre: Werewolf
Book Length: Novella

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Chasing Love
(Rutledge Werewolves: Book 5)
by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2005
Available: January 1, 2005
ISBN #1419900889
EAN #9781419900884
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