"outstanding, sensual Time-Travel"

I am always looking for fresh voices in Romance. New writers have such a special passion for their stories. And boy does Jane Quinn have a passion! Ancient Ties is a Time- Travel that is a sensual journey of one woman to find her soulmate, a man who lived 2000 years ago in Roman England.

Janney Forrester starts this journey not quite in the manner she planned. It was to be a dream vacation, to soothe her wounded spirit. Devastated by her cheating ex- husband, she is travelling to the area of England where the Romans once occupied. Her trip takes her much farther than she could ever imagine. In Bath, she steps through a portal to see what lies on the other side of a ruin wall. Instead of a mere inspection of the ruins, she finds the world on that side of the wall is intact and still very much in the hands of the Romans!

Marek Verus is a weary soldier. A man who has seen too many battles and has too little in life to show for it. His warrior-hardened spirit is provoked by this strange blond woman in the odd clothes. To him, the Auld Gods gifted him with the means to renew his spirit, his soul.

Quinn is a hot writer, giving not only the emotions of two weary souls wanting something more in life, she gives the full range to their sensual passion. Janney is a woman scarred by trusting a man, so she is not so quick to surrender to Marek. Both Janney and Marek are fully realized characters to come to life under Quinn's careful prose.

Quinn's delivers on all levels a book that is fresh, full of passion - her's for the wonderful story - and the characters for a love that defies all.

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 6, 2007


Betrayed by her cheating husband, heartbroken Janney Forrester needs a vacation. She gets one--and much more--when she lands almost 2,000 years in the past. Standing before her is the most gorgeous, masculine man she's ever seen, her every sexual fantasy personified. Roman soldier, Marek Benin Verus, considers the woman suddenly appearing before him as a gift from the gods. Zeus knows he needs one! Battle fatigue has him on a leave of absence, and he has all the time in the world to devote to seducing this beautiful woman into his bed. Marek's hard, muscular body is too luscious to resist, and Janney decides to carpe diem--seize the day. Marek seizes her body and takes her to the threshold--and over--to an ecstasy she never thought possible. They lovingly explore each other's bodies, forging a passion that time cannot defeat.


Ancient Ties
by Jane Leopold Quinn

Whiskey Creek Press
November 1, 2005
Available: November 1, 2005
ISBN #1593743866
EAN #9781593743864
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