"Fabulous Fantasy Suspense"

In finishing Brynn Chapman's A CIRCLE OF CROWS, I find myself finally able to lean back and catch my breath after this amazingly creative and fast paced suspenseful fantasy.

Since the early 1900's the sleepy town of Rhinebeck, NY has had it's share of heartbreak with children gone missing, never to be seen or heard from again. Similarly the MacBeth twin sisters, Raena and Rachel along with their adopted sister Bella have also had their share of heartbreak. When Rachel lost her husband leaving her with small Morgana to raise alone, her sisters rallied round coming together to help run the family Inn and help Rachel raise their niece.

Through the years the inn had been the site of surreal happenings; of missing children and of rain that sounded like the crying voices of children. The sisters all took this in stride with their deep-rooted Scottish heritage considering they'd been brought up with tales from their eccentric, somewhat wacky grandmother about evil birds and winged creatures that would steal children away from their homes. They always thought these were myths told to keep them in line until now when an unusual amount of crows started appearing. Rae who had a bit of a fey intuition sensed that something was not right. Later when Morgana was swept into a swirling portal in the Autumn room of the inn, they all realized that the myths they'd grown up with belied a terrible reality.

Most readers will be glued to the pages in this thrilling non-stop adventure that you won't be able to put down. The author treats you to numerous twists and turns, as she keeps the action going back and forth between the two worlds. You feel the family's desperation as they try to find their way into an unknown realm that had swallowed their beloved daughter and niece. Then as the author reveals little by little, the horrid truths of what was going on in that world, you'll feel Morgana's terror as they all raced against time to rescue the children before and stop an unbelievable evil sacrifice.

In this amazing, highly imaginative, and fully robust tale you meet an incredible cast of characters from both worlds that are so carefully constructed the reader will quickly become immersed in each of their lives. The author takes several of the key characters and with succinct story telling shows and breathes life into their motivations. You'll get emotionally involved as they battled the evil, revel in the self-sacrifice they make for one another, and finally cheer their hopes and dreams of finding love. The world Ms. Chapman created along with her unforgettable characters will stay with you, as they did with me, long after the last page is turned. A very creative and intriguing read that I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


The children of Rhinebeck are not safe. They have been disappearing since 1900, without a trace. The lives of the three sisters who own the inn, become forever altered when thirteen year old Morgan disappears in the middle of the night when her family lie sleeping. The sisters' Scottish upbringing, with all of its tales of evil birds always seemed like old wives' tales; until the crows began behaving oddly and the sisters swear that when it rains, they can hear children's voices on the night air. The answer lies inside the Inn, with a doorway to another realm. A realm where children are also disappearing.

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A Circle of Crows
by Brynn Chapman, Chere Gruver, Editor

Whiskey Creek Press
February 1, 2006
Available: January 6, 2007
ISBN #1593745877
EAN #9781593745875
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