"Engaging New World of Hetar - STEAMY"

In this thrilling story which is the initial Book in Small's new 'World of Hetar' series -- I can only say, Ms. Small has 'still got it going on!' -- Wow, and holy cow! This promises to be a historical fantasy lovers dream come true complete with fascinating new magical beings and ruthless and greedy adversaries. Simply delicious!

Lara is a half-faerie daughter of a renowned swordsman, John Swiftsword. Lara's half-faerie heritage is most prominently apparent by her uncommonly beautiful countenance and she is both revered and feared because of it. Having been abandoned by her faerie mother, she dearly loves and would do anything for the father who raised her including letting him sell her to be auctioned off into one of the Pleasure Houses of Hetar in order for him to obtain the funds needed to become a Crusader Knight. Unfortunately, before Lara is auctioned off the rumors of her uncommon beauty cause such antagonism amongst the other Pleasure Houses she is put on a trading caravan to be sold to the distant Coastal Kingdom of Hetar.

Traveling through the forest in the first part of her epic journey Lara is bought by the Forest Lords who insist on having her when they discover she is part-faerie and where she is sexually used and abused. Later Lara would escape from the Forest to the Desert kingdom where the Shadow Princes introduce her to the pleasures of seduction and desire. It would be here that Lara would realize she had a destiny to fulfill and that destiny would lead her to the Outlands and Lord Vartan where she would try to determine if he be her 'true destiny' or just another stop along the way.

People familiar with Bertrice Small will find her signature elements ongoing in this epic journey with a heroine whose sexual encounters involve more than just her hero and 'one true love'. It is an extremely robust story with numerous fully-developed characters both primary and secondary to this epic tale. The scenery and settings, though not of royalty as some of her previous historical epics, are none the less vibrantly detailed and beautifully rendered with this authors uniquely descriptive voice. I was totally entertained with the numerous magical beings introduced which are a fantasy lover's dream. From Og the Forest Lords gentle giant; the guardian fairy Ethne; the very magical Prince Kaliq of the Shadow Lords; right down to Lara's singing sword, faithful staff, and her golden stallion Dasras! At 540 pages this is epic in length yet the pages will fly and at the end, they left this reviewer panting for more! Highly recommended reading!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO -- Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


Welcome, dear reader, to the world of Hetar, a realm of Forest Lords, of Shadow Princes and Coastal Kings. A land of passions, both civilized and savage. Where the social classes know their place, but where anyone can, under the right conditions, advance to the highest pinnacle. This is a place where pleasure is never censured, but encouraged, and where deception and desire may be intertwined. The orderly, elegant veneer of refined Hetar can no longer ignore the rebellion brewing in the Outlands, a dangerous place of both magic and mystery.

From the city that is the very center of Hetar, Lara, the beautiful half-faerie daughter of John Swiftsword, ventures forth on a journey that will awaken her, both body and soul, as she learns the true meaning of love that will last an eternity -- and a searing passion that will change the destiny of Hetar forever.

Creating Hetar and its many characters has been a great challenge for me, but a wonderful and creative endeavor. I hope you will enjoy Lara's tale.


(The World Of Hetar: Book 1)
by Bertrice Small

May 1, 2006
Available: May 1, 2006
ISBN #0373771541
EAN #9780373771547
544 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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