"Dynamite Duo of Paranormal Sensual Delights"

KILLING MOON -- In KILLING MOON private investigator Ross Maxwell has been hired to search for a missing woman. Ross' unique skill to track and find people is a secret he guards closely, for he has been both blessed and cursed with the ability to shape shift into a wolf. In his wolf shape he discovers her body along with evidence that suggests the murderer is a serial killer. When the killer comes upon Ross in his wolf form he is shot while escaping. Wounded, Ross was able to shape shift back to human form and return to his home where Dr. Megan Sheridan, a genetic research scientist sent from the lab he had contacted days before, finds him unconscious. Mesmerized by the beautiful naked man, Megan cleans his wounds and when he regains consciousness their mutual attraction is intense. Ross knows that wolves mate for life and yet he knows he must fight the attraction. He is well aware of the heartache of involving a woman in his life; not only the horror of her discovering his true condition but of the danger of the serial killer who is now tracking him.

*** This first novel had a marvelously intense suspense plot as well as a wonderfully sensual aspect featuring two very emotionally wounded lead characters. Ross and Megan each had very difficult childhood backgrounds that the author used to capitalize on in defining their characterizations. The author did a marvelous job of crafting Ross and her description of the transformation back and forth of man to beast was brilliantly done. This was a fast paced action tale with a perfect balance of secondary characters to carry and add depth to this highly engrossing read. What a marvelous beginning to ensnare the reader in wanting to continue with this 'Moon' trilogy.

Edge of the Moon - If I thought the first novel, KILLING MOON, in this duo was exciting and terrific I can now only think of it as an 'appetizer' for this second book that combines a powerful police procedural with a very dark paranormal fantasy. This one definitely had me on the edge of my seat and biting my nails!

Although you will again revisit some of the characters from the first novel, the story is centered on Jack Thornton, a Montgomery County, Maryland police detective. Assigned to check out a missing persons report of a young woman, Jack meets her very beautiful landlady, graphic designer Kathryn Reynolds. Their initial meeting is powerful, as if time stood still (which it does) while each took one another's measure. Obviously something otherworldly was going on and as they would both discover, something dark and very dangerous. As Jack's investigation led them on a rather erotic path with shared dreams, and more otherworldly events, they both came to realize that they were being manipulated by a very dark presence that was using them to thwart a serial killer madman's scheme to become an unholy power. The chase became intimately personal when Jack and Kathryn joined forces to prevent the killer from securing Kathryn as his final victim in his sacrificial ceremony.

*** Wow, talk about thrills and chills the reader will find themselves completely caught up in this second offering of York's ' Moon' trilogy. Being introduced to Jack in the first of the two novels I liked him for extending his friendship to Ross and Megan, but here in his own (stand- alone) story you will love him. Jack and Kathryn are like two puppets with the lesser of two evils pulling their strings. With each bizarre event and dream they became more tightly ensnared in things neither could control, including a very intense and very stimulating sexual attraction. It's written beautifully with originality, thrills and chills, engaging multi-dimensional characters, excitement and a superb romance. Rebecca York has definitely landed on my auto-buy list and keeper shelf! This is definitely a book I most highly recommend -- two superb novels in one great book!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO -- Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


Together for the first time in one thrilling volume are Rebecca York's Killing Moon and Edge of the Moon, two of her highly acclaimed werewolf novels full of suspense, intrigue, and passionate hunger.

Killing Moon (originally published in June 2003)
Private investigator Ross Marshall has a special talent for tracking—a talent that has helped him locate missing persons when the police's trial has gone cold. now his current case has led him to a body buried in an isolated rural area—and a serial killer who is looking for a new victim. But while gathering evidence for the police, something goes very wrong...

The last thing genetic researcher Megan Sheridan expected was to discover her client shot and unconscious. Ross Marshall had requested her lab to run genetic tests on him, but instead of taking a blood sample, Megan found herself tending his wounds. Although frightened by secrets she knows he's hiding, Megan is compelled to him by a force she can't explain—or resist. Ross tried to deny the ancient instincts clamoring for him to take Megan as his mate, for to do so would sentence her to a lifetime of sorrow. But now Ross has an even more urgent reason to stay away from Megan: the killer that he's been hunting has turned the tables—and is now hunting him...

Edge of the Moon (originally published in August 2003)
The first person to disappear was an elderly woman. Then it was a child...then a teenage boy. When Kathryn Reynolds's tenant and friend goes missing, she has no idea that her vanishing could be part of a larger, sinister pattern. But the moment she meets Detective Jack Thornton, time seems to stop—literally; The attraction between them is so strong and undeniable, there's almost something dangerous about it...

Jack Thornton had assumed that this was just a routine missing persons report, but there was nothing routine about his response to Kathryn. He's never reacted so quickly or so strongly to any woman before, and the erotic dreams they share threaten to overwhelm his control. But the more he investigates her friend's disappearance, the more uneasy he feels. For he's starting to sense that he and Kathryn are being manipulated by someone...or something. They seem to be playing cat-and-mouse with an unseen enemy;but what Jack doesn't realize is that a killer is on the hunt, and he will stop at nothing to attain his goal. And that the killer is convinced that Kathryn is the key to his dreams of unholy power...


Full Moon
by Rebecca York

Berkley Pub Group
February 1, 2006
Available: February 7, 2006
ISBN #0425207765
EAN #9780425207765
496 pages
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