"Super Native American Romance & Legend"

Though the action itself is set in 1830's of the American West the author gives a brief background both setting the stage for the main protagonist Grey Coyote as an Indian boy sent to earth on a mission to break a curse that had enslaved his clan and the reason the curse was laid. Once a generation a young boy would be sent with a quest and a riddle to solve before he turned 30 years old, otherwise his clan would again be enslaved for another generation. With time running out, he thought the trader, Jacques LaCroix, who had engaged him in a game of Cos-soo (also explained) held the key to solving his riddle. Winning the game and everything the trader possessed Grey Coyote got more than he bargained for. One of Jacques LaCroix's possessions was the golden haired beauty, Marietta Welsford, who had hired LaCroix as her guide to St. Louis. Unbeknownst to Grey Coyote he wrongly assumed that the white woman was the traders' wife.

Marietta was drugged by LaCroix and handed over unconscious to Grey Coyote before she knew what had happened. Grey Coyote according to life on the plains, and the rules of Cos-soo assumed that LaCroix's 'wife' (for a woman could not be traveling with a man who was not her husband) was now rightly his 'wife'. Not that he wanted a wife but this fair-haired woman was uncommonly beautiful. As Grey Coyote and Marietta butt heads as to where he was taking her and her intense need to reach St. Louis, the attraction two good looking people felt for one another led to an inevitable joining. Almost convinced to give in to Marietta's demands to reach St. Louis, Grey Coyote was about to give in until another vision showed him that Marietta was an integral part of the key to the riddle he needed to solve.

*** I have to say that originally the plot seemed somewhat far fetched, but I was soon totally caught up in the story. The characterizations of both Marietta and Grey Coyote were quite skillfully done giving them a depth of character that surprised me. Grey Coyote was adamant in fulfilling his quest and was prepared to bring Marietta to the first trading post he could find without taking what was rightfully his according to the rules of the Cos-soo until he saw the second vision. Marietta was impassioned as well, in returning to England to reclaim the heritage that had been stolen from her but neither was ready for the passion each felt for one another. It wasn't long before Marietta realized that Grey Coyote was more a gentleman than any white man she knew. Like an artist the author blends in her love of the American Indian heritage, their dogma, customs with an ancient legend, and with empathy and a sensitivity that left this reader breathless with the beautiful love story that evolved. The sensual scenes were quite passionate and tasteful only enhancing the love story. The dangers of the journey, and even some of the humor that evolved along with lessons of the plains survival were well done with just enough drama to keep the pace lively and refreshing. This was beautifully written, well researched, and contained a nice glossary of terms and explanations that added to this readers understanding of the Native American tongue and of the curse behind the legend. This was an extremely good book I highly recommend to lovers of Native American romances.

Marilyn Rondeau -- RIO, Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


Many centuries ago, a village killed the children of the Thunder god. For their crime the Creator banished them to live a half existence in the land of shadows, neither dead nor alive. But once in a generation, a brave is given the opportunity to save his clan...


The Spirit of the Wolf
by Karen Kay

Berkley Pub Group
April 1, 2006
Available: April 4, 2006
ISBN #0425209202
EAN #9780425209202
304 pages
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