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Rose Flowers residing in Massachusetts with her father, Harvard University Professor of Botany, Dr. Flowers, and twin sister Violet, was quite happy with her life. Never happier than when book in hand, she could engage in her favorite occupation - reading and dreaming of the prince that would one day carry her off across the desert some day, or helping her father grow his flowers. Therefore, when her father made the announcement that would change their lives, Rose, usually the most amiable of the twins was upset. They would be leaving Massachusetts shortly for Hawaii, where her father was being sent by President James Monroe to head a new research group to study the island's flora and fauna. Rose, who had never envied her sister Violet, who already had a fiancÚ, sent on ahead to Hawaii as her fathers assistant; thought how on earth she would ever find the eligible man of her dreams among the natives on that remote island?

Days before they were to set sail on Neptune's Chariot, Rose found herself lost along the wharves of the Boston Harbor and accosted by a group of nasty scoundrels when an exotically dark handsome man, came to her rescue. He carried her to the beach where she memorably touched his lips then passed out. When her family came rushing to her aid after discovering the bodies of the thugs her hero had dispatched, DJ her hero had disappeared.

As luck would have it, Rose's handsome hero, Abdeldjelil (DJ) would be aboard the pirate ship Ocean Chameleon that closely followed hers, intending to seize the precious cargo rumored to be aboard. Within weeks of their sailing the two ships came in sight of one another as a ferociously surreal storm battered and pushed both ships towards a group of islands which were later determined to be within the mysterious Bermuda triangle. Bone weary and desolate, adrift and at the lowest point in her life, Rose discovered the battered and bruised body of DJ. In saving his life, they would discover a passionate love, and together face the dangers that lurked amongst their new island paradise.

*** This was a very nice debut novel that had a very original plot full of adventure, lovely sensuality, wonderful and charismatic characters, and a bit of humor. Rose was exactly the type of person I'd want to be shipwrecked on an island with, strong, intelligent and resourceful; but I'd have to drown Violet - the self proclaimed princess! DJ was developed to a point - dreamy and delicious, highly sensual, but the intimacy that could have been built up in revealing his piracy background to his soul mate was missing leaving me a little letdown in the romance - my ideal of the perfect romance being one of complete openness and trust. The secondary characters were plentiful; the villain truly despicable; and some, extremely interesting, i.e. Father Brown having so many knives hidden on his person. I was truly surprised when the author missed the opportunity to capitalize and develop some of them more fully into the fabric of the story. This new author shows great promise in the historical romance genre and I will definitely be looking for her next book, A PHARAOH, A SPELL AND JADE.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


A Pirate

Dark and mysterious, Abdeldjelil "DJ" had no idea that the beautiful woman with the rosy lips that he had just saved from certain death would soon be his savior in more ways than one. Having adopted the life of both merchant and pirate aboard the Ocean Chameleon, DJ still could not remember his days prior to being kidnapped and pressed into service by enemies of the barbary pirates. But he knew there was something very important about his past. He just could not remember what it was.

A Secret

Bound for the fledgling islands of Hawaii, Neptune's chariot carried its precious cargo out of Boston Bay and into the arms of a notorious pirate and a raging storm that threatened to rip the ships apart. Blown off course and into the area known as the Bermuda Triangle, death is the price that is exacted for the survival of just a few seamen and passengers. But there is a secret still on board that could change that fate of mankind forever, if an untimely death does not carry it to the grave.


Rescued by a man chiseled out of the darkness of a moonlit night, Rose cannot deny that he stirs her blood with a glance and boils it with a mere touch. But, the man disappears moments after he saves her, and then washes up only a few breaths away from death on the shore of a deserted island right after their ship is almost destroyed in a violent storm. Shipwrecked, the two must face their past, the present and their future if they are to survive the many unknown dangers that lurk in their new island home.


A Pirate, a Secret and Rose
by Aysel Arwen

Capri Publishing
May 1, 2005
ISBN #0976913216
EAN #9780976913214
368 pages
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