"HIGHLY Original Paranormal - Sensual"

Rachel Vandermere grew up a haunted young woman. Her life was torn apart when she witnessed a monster killing her beloved parents. Unfortunately no one believed the six-year- old child who then grew up in foster care. Now she is a beautiful young Interpol agent who has secretly been amassing a file full of data she one day hopes will prove the existence of these monsters. In the meantime she is the bait to catch a would-be assassin and her prime suspect is the enigmatic art history professor Nathan Cross.

From the moment she entered the room, Nathan was aware of her presence. It was more than just a feeling -- they seemed to have forged a mind lock on one another. This was an attraction Nathan didn't want or a complication he didn't need as he was determined to break the curse that held him hostage between human and shape-shifting into a monster to protect and save the weak. After 14 lifetimes of being reincarnated he wanted to break with tradition thus making him an outcast amongst his own clan, but Rachael called to him on an primordial level. Nathan was falling hard and fast and knew Rachel would be horrified to discover his secret. As a battle ensued with an evil presence entering the arena threatening both Gargoyle and mankind alike, Rachel would be more horrified to uncover the truth about herself.

*** Debut novelist Vickie Taylor has written an exceptionally fine effort that should delight both paranormal and fantasy fans alike. Creating immortal shape shifters that could be reincarnated for as many lifetimes as they like after fathering a son during each of those lives was certainly an inventive premise. The two protagonists were kept at odds with each other as the author kept their conscious angst going on for some time while in dreams they shared some very sensual intimate moments. The sensualness of the writing was very well done and the twist ending behind the monster attack on Rachel's family was somewhat of a surprise. Nathan was a cool, unflappable, take-charge kind of guy until he found he couldn't manipulate Rachel's mind because she had an uncanny ability to get into his thoughts just as easily as he could delve into hers. Their mind-sex was quite titillating to say the least. This debut author deserves high marks in the originality and creativity departments and I highly suggest readers to check her out!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO -- Reviewers International Org.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


He must watch her. He must protect her. He must love her...

A new paranormal romance that breathes life into the ancient gargoyles.

Sophia has worked her whole life to exact revenge on the demonic winged creatures who killed her parents. Then she crosses paths with handsome Nathan Cross. The attraction is mutual, but if he ever dares reveal himself to her, it would spell disaster.


Carved in Stone
(The Gargoyles - Book 1)
by Vickie Taylor

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
June 1, 2006
Available: June 7, 2006
ISBN #0425202917
EAN #9780425202913
336 pages
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