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Since childhood the two orphans, Eliana Daere (the Fiend) and Damir ap Kora (the Demon), both powerful Mages of the Woodlands, have engaged in a game of 'one-up-man-ship'. Their individual gifts were diverse, yet to Eliana's dismay, Damir continued to come out on top. Gifted as a powerful herbalist, Eliana felt sure that she had finally come up with a potion that she knew would finally gain her the prize she so desperately sought. By luring Damir to a meeting to declare a 'truce' she was once again bested when Damir switched the goblets leaving Eliana to drink her own potion, effectively wiping out her memory!

Feeling justified in a bit of revenge for what Eliana tried to do to him, Damir brought her to his home and after she awoke with no memory of who she was, told her she was his 'wife'. What seemed like just desserts in teaching Eliana a lesson came back to haunt Damir later who began to wish he could keep this sweet and caring Eliana in his life forever.

As a dark evil began to gain strength enveloping the Woodlands, it would be up to both Damir and Eliana to join forces in traveling north to battle the Norsk who were being manipulated by one of the Woodlands rogue wizards. Knowing the truth of their relationship but with her memory still lost, Eliana bravely traveled with Damir who was beginning to see the true character of the woman who had been his nemesis for years.

*** Using very strong character leads along with a plethora of likeable secondary characters to flesh out the adventure made this an extremely pleasant read. With the quest to rid evil forcing Eliana and Damir to finally work together they were both able to re-examine feelings they'd had since childhood and this developed into a lively and lovely romance. I have no trouble in recommending this book, and will be looking forward to reading the next in her fantasy romance series - PRINCE OF ICE.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007



Eliana Daere was the greatest herbalist alive. Trained by the wizard Madawc, she could brew a potion to bring on a gentle slumber, or a philter to drop a foe dead in his tracks. Only one man existed whom she feared—one man who constantly thwarted her will, one detestably handsome, insolent and gifted sorcerer. It was his power that protected the land of Amrodel. But Damir would never turn down her offer of an alliance, and when he arrived at the Mage's Glade and drank of the Wine of Truce, Eliana would spring her trap.


He'd never trusted Eliana Daere. Her beauty had haunted him since their school days, but she was headstrong and impulsive and had reputedly aligned herself with the enemy. That was why Damir found Eliana's offer hard to swallow—he was well-prepared for treachery—and why, when she fell into his hands, he felt no remorse about teaching her a lesson. But he would not use force; he would be gentle. He would craft a seduction so potent that, in the end, she would have to admit to her own desires. It was a strange brew that had brought them together, but nonetheless the sweetest he had ever tasted.


Strange Brews
(Dragonfly Saga - Book 1)
by Stobie Piel

Love Spell (Heart Spell)
November 1, 2005
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505526506
EAN #9780505526502
342 pages
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