"Vividly Sensual and Suspenseful Time Travel"

In Ms. Arwen's second novel, she has surely hit her stride in providing the reader with another thrilling and sensual read that delivers 'in spades' vivid imagery, dramatic suspense, and action set in a wonderfully exotic location.

In a well-developed prequel the story is laid out as Pharaoh Sneferu and his faithful priest Rahotep set the stage for the upcoming adventure. Knowing after several assassination attempts and failure to uncover the assassin's identity it would only be a matter of time before they succeeded. Sneferu and Rahotep made a pact with the God Osiris that if the assassins did succeed, there would be a way to bring Sneferu back from the dead for a second chance at life by one 'the Gods deemed worthy' of the task.

It was Jade's passion and expertise in Egyptian jewelry that had brought her (the last virgin Egyptologist -- >i>at least to her mind) to the attention of other notable Egyptologists and archeologists. This entitled her with an invitation to accompany them on a new excavation project setting out for Memphis, Egypt. While on the dig she accidentally found a secret door, and Jade's natural enthusiasm overrode caution as stepping into the room she found not only a gorgeous sleeping man but an exquisite a golden armlet, which after reading the inscription, she couldn't help but slide onto her arm. The man sleeping on the stone table also had a beautiful golden amulet, Eye of Ra, lying on his admirable chest which also drew her attention and after running her finger over it a few times the next thing she would remember would be waking up in a wonderfully soft bed with the most divine chocolate brown eyes staring down on her.

Surely a dream, but soon Jade realized that she was not only in bed with one perfectly gorgeous man but she also realized that she was in another time altogether -- ancient Egypt! When Sneferu recognized the armlet she wore, he knew that she had been sent to him by the Gods to save him, but a woman! It was still going to take some convincing on the part of Jade that she was not really 'his' -- no matter what he seemed to think when she was sent to his harem. After being bathed, oiled, and perfumed Jade was initiated into loving by a master in the art of seduction. On one hand, she'd found the love of her life, but treachery and betrayal in the palace dogged her steps from the very beginning. After being stolen from the palace by a sick and demented noble, Jade would have to fight her way back to warn Sneferu of the planned assassination before it was too late.

--- I was hooked from the very first pages by this well- written vividly sensual, and outstanding suspenseful adventure. While her debut A PIRATE, A SECRET AND ROSE was very good, showing promise with originality and adventure, this surely surpassed that effort establishing Arwen as an author to watch! The characters were plentiful, cleverly drawn with depth and passion. As a whole it is an emotional read that runs the gamut from edge of the seat suspense, to humor, to highly sensual and loving relationships, and a most poignant and tearfully joyous ending! It's a totally satisfying read and a real 'keeper'!

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


Fourth Dynasty, Inebu-hedj, Egypt: Sneferu "He of Beauty", the first pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty and one of Egypt's most benevolent rulers, has survived several assassination attempts, but he knows it is only a matter of time before the killer will succeed. Seeking the aid of the gods through his high priest, the pharaoh casts an ancient spell giving him the power to return to a time just before his murder -- if the gods grant his request.

Sneferu is murdered and his high priest is able to secret his body away, which is the only hope for his return. Almost five thousand years later, Jade Morgan, an American Egyptologist is working on a stone altar.

Catapulted back in time, the two must forge an alliance to keep Sneferu from being murdered a second time, but their hearts soon find that time is no barrier to true love. Weaving in and out of the traitors in the harem, as well as those in his court, the two quickly find they are traveling on the same path together.

When the Nubian army is found camped across the Nile from his palace, Sneferu and jade must risk all and almost lose all to keep Egypt safe. Despite being kidnapped, captured, tortured and traded to their enemies, Jade and Sneferu overcome danger, deceit and death to find their together place in time.


A Pharaoh, A Spell & Jade
by Aysel Arwen

Capri Publishing
December 1, 2005
Available: December 17, 2005
ISBN #0976913232
EAN #9780976913238
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