"Fast Rising New Talent Showcases Originality"

After reading reviews posted on the internet, it was with great anticipation that I picked my second novel, by new author Dawn Thompson. Geared up and looking forward to new sensual world featuring my two favorite genres -- historical with a dash of paranormal to spice it up - I found this to be exactly what you get with THE WATERLORD.

Lady Rebecca Gildersleeve is a determined young woman who can't believe that her father has promised her to a despicable gambling cohort of his in order to wipe out a gambling debt. To avoid that prospect she has fled her home only to have her escape quashed when her carriage overturns trapping Becca and her maid. A wickedly handsome male, Count Klaus Lindegren, an exile from Sweden, rescues her. He has an 'otherworldly' air about him, and Becca has this unfathomable attraction and yet -- she's not quite comfortable.

Klaus offers Becca sanctuary while her maid recovers. In spite of her attraction to the Count, she reluctantly agrees though she feels something is not quite right in his household. Klaus is definitely not all as he appears to be and neither are his servants. Coupled with tales, told by Klaus, of Norse legend regarding the Fossegrim, strange sightings, and even stranger dreams, Becca is no longer sure these are fact or fiction. Eavesdropping on a conversation she realizes that the myths are true, and though she longs to experience the passion Klaus' arms and kisses promised -- she flees only to be caught by her odious father. With time running out, Klaus must make a life- altering decision with regard to the woman he now realizes is his soul mate.

*** This was everything and more other reviewers have stated with regard to originality, creativity and research. Thompson has a wonderful gift of drawing the reader into the scene by setting tone and mood, along with a strong sensual writing style which I find very palatable. The beginning took me some time to get fully immersed in until eventually it snowballed into an immensely exciting read. Klaus, was an amazingly sexy hero who after conquering his fey 'innate needs' controlled them admirably once he realized his 'true' feelings for Becca. With Thompson's high creativity aptly displayed in both THE RAVENCLIFF BRIDE and THE WATERLORD she showcases her mastery over two of my favorite genres. Thompson is firmly in place on both my 'author tracker' and 'auto-buy' lists.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


Some loves you can drown in....


Lady Rebecca's life changed forever in the blink of an eye. One moment she was fleeing her father across a storm- swept Bodmin Moor, in the next, her carriage overturned on a steep gorge. But she did not die. Somehow, she was pulled clear. There was an eerie luminosity about her savior, a fluid silver aura like the lightning filling the night sky. And while his voice was deep, mellowó comforting, like the music of the waterfall he haunted, it, too, held a hint of the Otherworldly. Who was this strange savior, this displaced foreign nobleman? Everything about the Count was an enigma. Becca had heard myths of the Fossegrim: creatures that traveled between the astral and the physical planes through waterfalls, driven to find ecstasy with human women then vanish forever. From their world, humans never returned. This man, Becca was willing to follow.


The Waterlord
by Dawn Thompson

Love Spell
March 1, 2006
Available: February 28, 2006
ISBN #0505526735
EAN #9780505526731
320 pages
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