"Fun Time Travel - Steamy and Sensual"

I loved time travels and based on this books description, this story seemed like it might prove interesting and yes it was all that, plus a lot more.

A contemporary professional woman Dana Perrin, is rushing through on a deserted road at night on her way to a catch a flight to San Francisco when a bolt of 'pink' lightning pretty much totals her car. Luckily she is not hurt but alas her cell phone is dead and through a foggy mist, she didn't recall was there before, she spied what looked like an old English mansion -- similar to the cover of the latest romance novel she was reading. With few options open she approaches the door and is met by Thorn, a very old and sinister looking butler who seems as perplexed by her appearance as she is of his. Her request to see the owner of the house is denied as the 'master' is in mourning. After stepping into the mansion she also finds that the door out is stuck and after seeing images of cobblestone streets, people dressed in Victorian clothing and horse- drawn carriages, she passes out. Regaining consciousness, Dana realizes she has become a participant in the pages of her latest romance novel and it appears she is in love with a man who just might be a ghost.

This was both a light hearted and sinfully sensual fantasy that although short was a well written story. While I did follow the story along fairly closely, I did feel that a bit more explanation of how Franz Staresini, the magician, came to end up cursed by the gypsy. It was told but in my opinion not fully enough to explain the other realm as well as what I would have liked. It would have also been helpful to have seen, or been told how the curse could be lifted. Without giving away any of the plot, the 'other' realm was interesting, but again and possibly because of the brevity of the story could have been explored further.

The romance portion was lovely, as caught up by the beauty of his surprise guest Franz' sensual assault on Dana's dreams was both hotly sensual and tastefully done. The concept of living and/or trapped in the pages of your favorite romance novel is a true romance lover's fantasy, one of which I could easily succumb to if only I could pick out a favorite. Bottom line is that this was a fun read, steamy and entertaining that romance readers will certainly relate to -- I know I did!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO -- Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


After a blinding flash of rogue lightning stabs the dark road in front of her, a woman winds up in a ditch with a dead cell phone, and a bump on the head. Only a short distance away an old gothic mansio stands waiting for her. Inside she finds a dark, handsome elusive magician, a surly butler... and her future!


Tender Lightning
(Tarot - The Magician)
by Audrey Godwin

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
June 1, 2004
ISBN #1554101131
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