"Original Time Travel / Fantasy - Sensual"

Newer author Sara MacKenzie serves up a truly original and innovative Fantasy/TimeTravel that should captivate you from the very first pages with her crisp well written story.

Melanie Jones thought that her latest assignment for the law firm of Foyle, Haddock and Williams would be the one that offered up a partnership, a goal she'd worked hard for. What could be so hard about cataloguing the 18th century estate of Ravenswood in Cornwall? From the very first night Melanie arrived, an incredibly handsome man galloped alongside her car winked and then abruptly disappeared. Melanie thought it was her imagination until he later appeared, in the flesh, and oh my, she felt emotions she'd never experienced before.

Nathaniel Raven was the infamous Raven, a notorious highwayman shot dead in the year 1814 and who now was given a second chance by a Sorceress to come back to right the wrongs that had been done to him. Murdered by a man he once called friend, he was offered this one chance to work with and convince the very irritating Melanie Jones, to help him defeat Pengorren. As they reluctantly worked together their passion would be all consuming when it soon appeared that Melanie's strange visions held part of the key to defeating the very evil immortal.

*** This was a highly original and fast moving read that contained all the elements needed to catapult it right to the top of anyones favorite 2006 books list. Describing scenes of scorching passion with a handsome rogue from the past, the leads are dynamite together as they combine forces to combat a truly evil being that wants to suck the energy out of and consume Melanie. While it took me a few chapters to warm up to the very prickly Melanie, it was an instant love fest for the character of Nathaniel and his hell-hound dog Teth. The author crafted explicit love scenes with Nathaniel which were pure bliss while oozing out feelings of creepiness with Pengorren that will send shivers up your spine. This is an author that shows tremendous talent and I plan to keep my eye on future offerings.

Posted October 21, 2006

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


Melanie Jones thought she was imagining things. Surely there's not a breathtaking man astride a magnificent black horse racing her sports car on a country road. And he has the nerve to wink at her, just before he vanishes into the night! When he appears to her in solid, sinewy muscle, Melanie realizes he's real . . . and irresistible.

Nearly two centuries ago, Nathaniel Raven was betrayed and murdered by a trusted friend. He now has one opportunity to uncover the secrets of that night, and Melanie is the only woman who can help him. She may be the most infuriating and independent woman he's ever known, but there is no denying the burning passion between them . . . or the lethal danger that has followed him from the past . . .


Secrets of the Highwayman
(Immortal Warriors: Book 2)
by Sara Mackenzie

October 1, 2006
Available: September 26, 2006
ISBN #0060795522
EAN #9780060795528
384 pages
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