"Spectacular Suspense Thriller"

Having read several I have yet to be disappointed in the Silhouette Bombshell series and the latest one I picked up, SHADOW LINES by Carol Stephenson completely blew me away! Be assured it's going to grab you from page one and never let you put it down!

Dr. Eve St. Giles is an epidemiologist working for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). She is brilliant and dedicated with a kick-ass attitude when it comes to chasing down flu bugs and saving peoples lives. Eve was special in that she had also inherited psychic abilities from her mother later discovering she is a descendent of an empathic 'Marian' healer inheriting other traits that she views as both a gift and a curse.

While investigating a horrendous flu outbreak in Damassine, Swizerland which killed her sister, Eve sensed it was man- made. She later discovered it was a mutated version of the Spanish flu re-engineered specifically to target women. Hot on the trail Eve discovers her ex-lover searching for the same madman and they agree to combine forces. Trying to keep her distance from Nick Petter would be as elusive as finding the courier intent on delivering death and mayhem. The closer they come to finding the source, the closer they come to each other in a much more intense understanding of the love and passion that exists between them. In a spectacular cliff hanger-ending and finally admitting to a love that never died, Eve with other worldly guidance, would willingly lay down her own life to save the one true love of her life.

*** AWESOME! The thrilling premise of this book captivated me from the very first pages with high intensity and an emotionally compelling plot. I was fully engaged with this very sensual romantic suspense tale. I especially liked the heroine Eve, who was superbly crafted as both highly professional and achingly tender towards those she loved. The hero Nick was also crafted as the strong silent type who was infinitely capable and one this reader would scoop up in a second if given half a chance! His declarations of love were to die for [sigh]. The references to the Knights Templars, the Cathars, and the mysterious priest Berenger Saunière were interesting historical points adding much to the mystery involved behind the intrigue of the plot. Stephenson showed top form in this volume of the series and I will definitely be looking for her backlists as well as for prequels and sequels to this fabulous Madonna Key series. This one packs a powerful punch, a sweetly poignant ending and I strongly recommend this book for all lovers of romantic suspense.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO -- Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007


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With her healing gift and extra senses going haywire, epidemiologist Eve St. Giles knew the deadly flu outbreak in the small Swiss town was no natural disaster. Had someone manufactured a virus--one that targeted women? If Eve didn't track down the origin, millions could die.

She could search alone, or accept help from a questionable source--the man she'd loved and lost. Nick Petter seemed to know more than he was telling. Yet Eve had little choice but to trust him as she raced to harness ancient healing rites in time to avert a modern medical apocalypse....


Shadow Lines
(The Madonna Key miniseries)
by Carol Stephenson

Silhouette (Bombshell)
October 1, 2006
Available: October 10, 2006
ISBN #0373514247
EAN #9780373514243
304 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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